November 22, 2016

Singularity U Professor Nell Watson on why now is the right time for AI

About the guest:

Nell Watson FRSA is an engineer and entrepreneur who grew up in Northern Ireland. In 2011 she founded Poikos (now QuantaCorp), a computer vision company that enables a full 3D reconstruction of a person from just 2 pictures. Nell has a longstanding interest in the philosophy of technology, and how extensions of human capacity drive emerging social trends. She is Co-Founder of OpenEth, an ‘ethical explication engine’ that aims to crowdsource ethical heuristics for autonomous systems, and serves on the Faculty of Singularity University.

About the Podcast:

Nell discusses singularity including the notion of AI personhood. She talks about how AI is here to stay because of what she refers to as the ‘autonomous distributed corporation’. She emphasizes that knowledge is power and postulates that it makes sense to involve AI when there is so much data available.

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