Congratulations on being promoted to Product Leader, one of the most exciting and challenging roles you will take on.

Job promotion

Just when you’ve “gotten it right” …

Sisyphus pushing rock uphill
  • There is a new acquisition or merger to deal with,
  • You hire more product managers,
  • The market you’re in pivots, or
  • Your competition introduces something slick & appealing

Now everyone is looking to you for Product leadership.

Sisyphus pushing rock uphill

As if that wasn’t challenging enough,

Jigsaw puzzle small of pieces
  • You need guidance to build a high functioning and scalable Product team.
  • Product and Engineering work “OK” together, but Marketing and Sales are disconnected from your Product organization.
  • You’re experiencing about 20% churn of your Product Team and need to slow that down.
  • You spend more time doing reactive tasks than proactive strategy.
  • The company is not product-led and it shows in the bottom line.
  • Your Product team isn’t at a consistent minimum competency level to be effective.
Jigsaw puzzle small of pieces

Did you know that Ineffective Product Management
can threaten your digital transformation?

Product teams face unique challenges that can lead to:
1 in 3 Failed product launches
30% Lost engineering throughput
Missed product revenue
30% Product team churn

Solving this lands squarely on your shoulders, …
and you’re new to the role. HELP!

But you don’t need to navigate this path alone.

The Product Leader page on the Products That Count website has outstanding content from our community of over 300K Product Managers, Product executives and CPOs to help you succeed as a Product Leader. Here are several resources to get you started:

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Does your Product team need help becoming great?

Product mentorship for teams

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  • share best practices for product management and leadership.

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Product mentorship for teams
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