RSA fmr Growth Lead on Scaling Deep-Tech Products

Scaling Deep-Tech Products

In the past, marketing security was largely developers looking to add cryptography to their applications to protect credit card numbers. And SSL was it. Oh, how the world has changed! Now, it’s hard to go a week without hearing about a major security breach involving a well-known company. While increased awareness may seem like a marketer’s dream, it poses several challenges. In this talk, Tim Matthews will cover how to shift your marketing strategy as a market evolves and becomes mainstream using security as an example everyone can relate to.

About the Speaker:

Tim Matthews has over 20 years of security software marketing experience. He started out explaining public and private keys to developers and has evolved into a keynote speaker at industry and government security conferences. He began the journey working for cryptography pioneer RSA and over the years has worked for several leading security brands, including PGP, Symantec, and Imperva. He now runs marketing for Exabeam, a new generation of security incident and event management software. He is also the author of “The Professional Marketer” and “The SaaS Marketing Handbook.”

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