January 23, 2018

Apple Beats Music fmr Product VP on Building Trustworthy Products

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Building Trustworthy Products

What does it take for our products to become so essential that we trust them? The best products speak to us from the heart, not the mind, yet state-of-the-art product development optimizes for data, not emotions. Apple Beats Music fmr Product Head Ryan Walsh shares his lessons learned building products that touch us deeply, including the importance of storytelling, the critical role or organizational design, and insights that build trust.

About the Speaker

Ryan Walsh a Partner at Floodgate, where he leads early stage investments in technology companies. A student of great products and how they impact culture, his focus areas include media, AR, marketplaces, subscription businesses, and products that include unique network effects and social psychology. Prior to Floodgate, Ryan directed product management for media at Apple, including Apple Music and the iTunes stores for movies, music, and television. He joined Apple as part of the Beats by Dre acquisition, where he was Vice President of Product, managing design, product development, analytics, and growth. Prior to working with Beats, Ryan spent 15 years starting ventures, creating community or helping others do the same.

Ryan actively performs improvisational theater and is a noted storyteller. He has produced and deejayed electronic music for over 15 years, under an alias.

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