February 13, 2018

AR/VR Guru on How AR Meets Products

AR/VR Guru on How AR Meets Products from ProductsThatCount on Vimeo.

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AR Meets Product

Augmented Reality has been around for decades, but as product professionals, we see it more as a cool technology rather than the answer to a concrete business need. No longer. “There are half a billion reasons you need an augmented reality product strategy in 2018,” says AR/VR guru Adam Sheppard. Founder & CEO of 8ninths, Sheppard was one of a handful of visionaries invited to build the launch platform of the HoloLens. Since then, he’s gone on to create dozens of practical applications of AR in virtually all industries. In his talk, he reveals best practices for building with AR and disrupting your market.

About the Speaker

Adam Sheppard is Co-Founder & CEO of 8ninths, a leading Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality solutions provider, and Founder of Microsoft’s skunkworks innovation team, “Live Labs,” under Ray Ozzie and Bill Gates. As one of seven companies selected worldwide to undergo a technology transfer on Microsoft HoloLens before general release, the 8ninths team are leaders in new UX design and development of practical AR / VR solutions. Their 360° video documentary, ‘Capturing Everest’ debuted at Sundance in 2017 and is distributed by Sports Illustrated & TIME. Clients include Amazon, Microsoft, Fiat Chrysler, Hasbro, and Citi.

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