Asana Product Lead on Executing Masterful Product Launches

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Executing Masterful Product Launches

Small, iterative launches are widely considered best practice for product development, and is the strategy that product leaders are most likely to have experience with. But in some cases there can be outsized benefits in creating a big launch moment. How do you decide which approach to go with? And if you choose to go with a big launch, what steps can you take to maximize the chances of success? Veteran PM Niffer Nan, who has led or advised Asana’s largest launches over the past 3 years, shares her playbook for successful launches that have repeatedly delighted customers, driven core metrics wins, while strengthening – not burning out – her teams. She gives insights into the key areas of focus when leading a big launch and gets concrete on tactics you can apply to your next launch. Along the way she points out common pitfalls of big launches and how to avoid them.

About the Speaker

Jennifer “Niffer” Nan is a PM manager at Asana. In her over 8 years of PM experience, she has led a wide variety of product initiatives, including building v1 features, visual and interaction redesigns, user growth, improving app performance, and infrastructure rewrites. As the second PM at Asana, Niffer has led projects that have produced the biggest wins in the company’s history in NPS, visitation, engagement, monetization. Prior to Asana Niffer was a PM at Microsoft on the Windows UI team. She received her BA from Harvard.

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