October 9, 2017

MOO CPO on Driving Growth Through Non-Customer Understanding

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Driving Growth Through Non-Customer Understanding

Businesses and product managers love to shout about being “data-driven.” Data is obviously fundamental, but with an industry average conversion rate of 3%, most of our data is internal-facing and biased towards the minority of existing customers who have successfully converted. What about the majority who are non-customers? We are often blind to why non-customers fail, yet break-through products can come from understanding the potential customers who never show up in your dashboards and models. Stop navel gazing and join this session where Chad Jennings will share case studies, frameworks and methods you can use to uncover insights that can drive not only growth but useful, usable and delightful products.

About the Speaker

Chad Jennings has spent almost two decades at the intersection of product, design, and technology in the SF Bay Area and London. In addition to co-founding Blurb, the award-winning creative publishing platform, he has led product and design at Method, Smart Design, and EF Education First. Named “one of the most creative people in UK tech” by Business Insider, Chad joined MOO in 2015 and its focus on making great design available to everyone has helped it become one of the fastest growing print businesses in the world. As Chief Product Officer, Chad runs three pivotal teams: product management, UX design & research, and physical product design.

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