Amperity fmr Product Lead on Building From Idea To Business

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Amperity fmr Product Lead on Building From Idea To Business

Every great company starts with an idea or “ah hah” moment that inspires the next big thing to become a reality. That said, you also need to focus on making a decision on how to move forward. Brainstorming sessions are great – but you need to make sure that you’re selecting the right idea that provides tangible value. How do you sift through the whiteboard / sticky notes to find the “best idea” – and most importantly, what steps must be taken to turn an idea into a business? Amperity fmr. Product Lead Mona Akmal talks about building companies from zero to one and going from idea to business – including the three essential workstreams that will ensure success and validating demand before you build a product.

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About the Speaker

Mona Akmal

Mad Alice CEO
Mona Akmal is currently the CEO of Mad Alice - a startup that focuses on Mona’s three passions (art, storytelling & technology). Prior to starting Mad Alice, she led the product team at Amperity - driving product/market fit for the company’s first product and later building its first enterprise solution. In addition, she held product leadership roles at Zulily and Mona also worked at Microsoft for a decade - leading product teams focused on SkyDrive and security services. Mona currently lives in Seattle.

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