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Product management is about prioritizing what to build next, and crucially, what not to build. This puts product managers in the unique and important position to influence the criteria for making product decisions. But blind optimization for narrow metrics, like MAUs and onboarding funnels, results in narrow solutions that are sometimes bad for our users and for society. How can product leaders better embrace values in their work? BCG Digital Ventures Fmr Product Lead Vish Srivastava invites a dialogue on how to align around product values, use them as guardrails in the decision making process, and embed them into your product.

About the speaker
Vish Srivastava Lead Product Manager

Vish is a product leader obsessed with building products to make the world a better place. He works at Evidation Health, with the mission to empower everyone to participate in better health outcomes. Prior to this, he led product teams at BCG Digital Ventures in a variety of spaces, including philanthropy, voter protection, fintech for the underbanked, and chronic disease management. Vish is an instructor at General Assembly and has degrees from Michigan and Harvard.