Webinar: Calendly fmr Product Head on the Evolution of Product Management

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Webinar: Calendly fmr Product Head on the Evolution of Product Management

Product managers must be forward-thinking. With how rapidly products and their development change, it’s vital to anticipate and pivot to welcome the industry’s evolution. It’s not a matter of predicting the future, but understanding that change is always looming. For product managers of today, what product evolutions will they need to anticipate over the next decade? Calendly fmr Product Head, Oji Udezu, discusses the evolution of product management and where its future will take developers.

Event program
  • Unique perspectives from featured VP/C-suite products executives
  • Networking before and after the session
  • Give a shoutout if you’re hiring or looking for a job
  • Webinar Format: Enjoy our Speaker Presentation followed by Q&A Session
About the Speaker

Oji Udezue

Calendly VP of Product & User Experience
Oji Udezue is the fmr Calendly VP of Product focused on product, design, and content strategy. Prior to joining Calendly, Oji served as the Atlassian Head of Product where he lead product strategy and management for Atlassian Communications - HipChat and Stride. In his free time, he’s the Founder and Managing Partner of Kernel Funds, which invest in startups in Africa. Oji is an innovation focused and multi-disciplined business leader and general manager with a proven track record for building products and bringing them to market, while managing and mentoring high performance teams.

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