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There has never been a better time to make the future happen than right now. Interconnected technology trends like cloud and quantum computing, 5G and 6G wireless, IoT, AI, VR, and blockchain will transform our lives. How can product managers play a critical role in ensuring that their products make the future happen vs. missing the mark? DFINITY Product VP Brendan Foley gives an overview of the key trends driving the future and how your product can succeed through a systematic, never-ending focus on value.

About the speaker
Brendan Foley Vice President of Product

Brendan Foley is a Vice President of Product at Dfinity, where he oversees product management and user experience for the Internet Computer, a blockchain-enabled computing platform. Over the past seventeen years, Brendan has held executive roles in product management, engineering, and related areas at Automation Anywhere, Atlassian, Sears e-commerce, and Microsoft. His industry experience covers a range of technology sectors, including enterprise software-as-a-service, software automation, e-commerce, advertising technology, security, and developer platforms. Brendan has a Bachelor of Arts from Brown University with concentrations in Engineering and English Literature, and an MBA from the Wharton School as a Palmer Scholar.

About the host
Maheep S. Bhalla Director of Product Management

Maheep is a customer-focused Product Leader. He believes that a Product Manager wears multiple hats but should always champion the voice of the customer.