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Product complexity comes for us all at some point. Despite our drive to build simple products, complexity inevitably arrives, confusing existing users, but most especially new users trying to learn the basic value prop. So, how do you make sure new users can onboard most effectively? Eventbrite Fmr CPO Casey Winters shares insights on five ways to fight product complexity and onboard effectively.

About the speaker
Casey Winters Fmr CPO

Casey Winters is an advisor and operator for scaling startups. Until recently, Casey was the Chief Product Officer at Eventbrite, having joined with impeccable timing a short time before the pandemic started. Casey led the PM, design, research, and growth marketing functions. Before Eventbrite, Casey led the growth product team at Pinterest, helping them grow from 40 million to 150 million active users. Casey was also the first marketing hire at Grubhub, leading demand-side growth from series A to IPO. Casey started his career as an analyst at Apartments.com. Casey has advised companies such as Airbnb, Faire, Canva, Whatnot, Thumbtack, and Reddit on scaling, product, and growth. He blogs, inconsistently, at caseyaccidental.com and built the Product Strategy, Retention & Engagement, and Advanced Growth Strategy programs for Reforge.

About the host
Rishikesh Yardi Senior Product Manager
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