Expedia fmr. Product Lead on Customer Feedback Loops

There’s no substitute for direct user feedback in order to set the direction for your product development process. With more data available than ever before, how can product managers capture and analyze user input most effectively? Expedia fmr. Product Lead Anne Retterer will cover the top five methods for managing Customer Feedback Loops – with specific applications that product managers can use to guide their next product journey.

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About the Speaker

Anne Retterer

Mindspand CEO / Founder
I am a results-oriented and personable person who enjoys a good challenge and working alongside like-minded colleagues in a work-hard / play-hard environment. My global experiences form a diverse and unique background in late-stage venture technology investments, scalable business strategy, formation of new offices, product planning and execution, technology roadmaps, process improvement initiatives, business portfolios, and multi-year program management. I've worked for companies of various sizes and industries - from pure start-up to mature organizations. I also like to fly seaplanes. Early in my career, I spent a decade with Hambrecht & Quist, a boutique technology investment bank in San Francisco, working with emergence growth companies seeking venture debt financings. During my tenure, I also founded a venture arm in Chile. After my MBA and travels, I spent several years directing enterprise-wide process, product, project, and portfolio efforts for and within technology companies, most recently with Expedia Inc. In 2015, I founded Mindspand.com which is my full-time focus. I love what we’re building and am motivated by the feedback we’re receiving from potential customers and partners alike. We're in private alpha and moving quickly. Stay tuned!
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