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What is product incubation and who does it serve? As a founder, inventor, or startup CPO, incubation is a rollercoaster of learning and adapting on the road to product market fit. Meanwhile, portfolio managers can use incubation to inform investment journeys and strengthen feedback loops among a cohort of new product development. In this talk, Fmr. Google Cloud Product Lead Ayana Christie will discuss how product incubation more than fuels the startup ecosystem and is a valuable strategy for every product leader.

About the speaker
Ayana Christie Fmr. Product Lead

Ayana uses her 13 years of innovation consulting experience and recent role as a GTM Strategist at Google Cloud to advise product entrepreneurs and incubation programs. She is also Chief Product Officer of publishing and art house startup, Bond & Grace, where she brings creative inventions to market. Ayana has built a rich career in product leadership having managed software development, designed incubation programs, implemented investment theses, and managed new product go to market strategies. Her trajectory represents a spectrum of product roles.

About the host
Deba Sahoo SVP, Head of Product for Customer Journeys
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