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Every day a product manager has to make the hard, mission-driven decisions that keep a product steering toward its North Star. That means being able to say no, make fine adjustments, and know when to pivot. What are some techniques to help recognize and call out needed changes while keeping a product lifecycle balanced? Indeed Fmr Product Director Matthew Bostwick shares ways that product leaders can both stay true to a mission objective, and balance the product tradeoffs that occur along the way.

About the speaker
Matthew Bostwick VP Product Development

Matthew Bostwick serves as the VP of Product Development for Aunt Bertha, a social care network focused on connecting people in need with services that can help them. He started his product management career at Indeed where he built products to help seekers apply to jobs and help small businesses find talent. He has been growing and scaling mission-driven products and organizations for the last 10 years.

About the host
Iryna Krutenko International Product Lead