Merrill Corporation CPO on Making Winning Products

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Merrill Corporation CPO on Making Winning Products

New technology and new ideas make product innovation possible. Combining that process with product testing can help to ensure a successful product. How can a product manager keep an eye towards the future, while affecting change in the present? Merrill Corporation CPO, Thomas Fredell, will help you to understand and put into practice two key principles that lead to product success: Bringing the Future into the Present; Don’t Guess – Test!

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About the Speaker

Thomas Fredell

Merrill Corporation Chief Product Officer
Thomas Fredell was the founder of a successful startup that pioneered the first “virtual dataroom” for Mergers & Acquistions (M&A). This product transformed the way dealmakers get deals done globally by providing a very robust, yet highly intuitive approach to conducting M&A transactions in a never-before-seen manner. Most recently, he’s played a key role in building a world-class organization from the ground up and refactoring a platform that’s enabled the radical transformation of a 50 year old company into an award winning SaaS powerhouse which services the needs of the titans of Wall Street and beyond. He’s a passionate product innovator who brings MBA thinking, a cognitive science background, design thinking and deep engineering experience to the new product innovation pipeline.

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