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The landscape of digital products is changing at a breakneck pace. Bounding from “V-Model” hardware and software development to Machine Learning in just a few short years, what are the evergreen frameworks that will help product leaders keep up and build digital products that solve problems that range from putting satellites in space to combatting fake news? Microsoft Product Director Joe Cepollina shares lessons that transcend industry change, and focus on building products that matter for people.

About the speaker
Joe Cepollina Partner, Group Program Manager - Microsoft Start Page Experiences

Joe Cepollina has been leading hardware and software product innovation for over 25 years, with highlights ranging from shipping hardware for the International Space Station and Hubble Space Telescope to leading Product Management for the world's largest digital News Platform (Microsoft News). His professional passion is, simply put, driving for growth: growth in customer utility, growth in key business objectives, growth in Team capability, and growth in self. Joe's digital leadership experiences include Enterprise Customer Application development (CRM, ERP, Low-Code Platforms, Data Warehousing), Digital Advertising, and Global At-Scale Consumer Product Leadership. Joe and his team have a successful track record of leveraging Machine Learning and Whole Page Relevance to optimize experiences for a combination of customer and business utility.

About the host
James Gray Product Leadership Coach

Seasoned executive with three decades of experience envisioning, building, and operating software products and mission-critical platforms at startups to large organizations such as Microsoft. Throughout his career, James has held a diverse set of roles and developed expertise across leadership, product management, data science, IT operations, consulting, software engineering, and sales. As Chief Product Officer at Products That Count, he leads an online platform to help organizations learn the craft of product management and win as a market leader. As a coach, he leads mastermind circles to facilitate peer-to-peer learning across product management executives. As a podcast host, he interviews CEOs of companies held within Mighty Capital’s portfolio. Creator of the Career Strategy Framework and an online platform that teaches and coaches professionals how to reach their full career potential. Learn more at https://www.jamesgray.io.