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Habit-forming is a big challenge for many products, but when it’s in education, the challenge increases tremendously. How can product managers use emotions to better acquire and retain their users through funnels which can be a struggle for users to go through? OneClass Director of Products, Katherine Chong will walk attendees through a framework to better identify user roadblocks and present exercises to find a solution that alleviates them.

About the speaker
Katherine Chong Director of Products

Katherine Chong is the Director of Products at OneClass. A customer engagement specialist turned into product manager in the education tech space, Katherine has spent the last 10 years helping students graduate college on time with the best grades they can get. OneClass focuses on accessibility for the everyday student by providing multiple resources for better academic performance in school, from student-created notes and study guides to fully-accredited online courses created in-house.

About the host
Iryna Krutenko International Product Lead