Pager SVP Product on Managing Product-Focused Bosses

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Pager SVP Product on Managing Product-Focused Bosses

Bosses and company founders with a product background (or passion) can make tough bosses for product teams. They are often impulsive, unfocused, contradictory, brilliant, and a whole lot more. Building great products while managing a product-focused boss and their expectations requires establishing trust, practicing patience, and ruthlessly prioritizing. Pager SVP Product, Andrew MacGill, joins us to share lessons from his experience partnering with product-focused bosses, startup founders and CEOs to build exceptional products, great companies, and high performing product teams.

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About the Speaker

Andrew MacGill

Pager SVP Product
Andrew MacGill has worked in the startup world for more than a decade. He currently serves as the Senior Vice President of Product at Pager, which simplifies the healthcare experience by guiding people to the right care and keeping them on the right path through chat and AI enabled technology. MacGill previously held VP of Product Strategy and VP of Product roles at Rally Health and Spotlite respectively. Before that, he was the Director of Product at PerkSpot.

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