Special Webinar: Turning Product Insights into Product Actions

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Special Webinar: Turning Product Insights into Product Actions

For a long time we’ve imagined that simply having the right data was all a Product team needed to build a great product. But this isn’t true. Even the best data isn’t useful if there’s no easy way to bring it into your team’s workflow and decision-making processes. So how can you turn insights into action to build amazing products? We’ve invited Matin Movassate – Heap CEO, 2x Product Award Winner, Product Visionary – for a fireside chat with product veteran and Products That Count founder, SC Moatti. They’ll share technological and process-related strategies for bringing data into existing processes, and making it easy for the entire product team (if not the company as a whole!) to share data and make better decisions.

About the Speaker

Matin Movassate

Heap CEO & Co-Founder
Matin Movassate is the CEO and Co-Founder of Heap. After earning degrees in Computer Science and Economics from Stanford, Matin spent time at Google, Mozilla, and Facebook. Frustrated with the problems he faced with gathering and analyzing behavioral data, Matin founded Heap in 2013. The company currently serves over 6,000 customers worldwide, including Casper, Splunk, Lending Club, Redfin, Snapfish, and Liberty Mutual.

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