Event Program

  • Networking with hundreds of C/VP-level product executives
  • A celebration of the best products for product managers across 5 stages: Conceive, Collaborate, Design, Build, and Operate
  • Fireside chats with VIP product leaders, and more!

Products That Count is proud to announce the 2021 Product Awards, a celebration of the best products for product managers. The theme this year is The Age of Product, highlighting the importance of being product-first in today’s world where our only connection to the outside world is via technology products. 

The global pandemic has caused a drastic shift in how we work and collaborate, which dramatically accelerated the pace of digital transformations. We can no longer rely on office chatter or industry conferences to do business. Instead, we must rely on our technology products as the only way to communicate. As a result, companies must focus on accelerating digital capabilities to delight their customers now more than ever. COVID-19 is leveling the playing field and accelerating a systemic culture change toward product-first organizations, like Zoom, DigitalOcean, and Peloton. As competition intensifies and digital transformation accelerates, it is clear that the Age of Product has come. Let the best products win! 

The 2021 Product Awards, produced by Products That Count and in partnership with Heap Analytics, Bluedot, and Mighty Capital, honors the best products and the teams that built them. By celebrating the competencies needed at each stage of the product life cycle, this event rewards product professionals and product-first organizations who have achieved market leadership in their category and who have made a meaningful contribution to the craft of product management. Finalists will be selected from thousands of nominations, through the combination of people’s choice voting and the professional expertise of an independent Award Advisory Board composed of 5 product management executives. Winners will be announced during a weeklong celebration taking place virtually March 2nd & 3rd, 2021.

Please note this event will be recorded and is subsidized by our generous partners and we are grateful for their support! Your contribution only covers a small fraction of the production cost, as a result, Products That Count shares limited contact information with its partners.

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