What to expect

  • Unique perspectives from featured VP/C-suite products executives
  • Webinar Format: Enjoy our Speaker Presentation followed by Q&A Session

Have you ever thought about the end-of-life of a product even before launching it? Well, API products are exactly like that! There are unique challenges with depreciation and backward compatibility that need to be accounted for even before the launch. In this webinar, the Breakout Space Founder Archie Agrawal has some great tips and tricks to help you navigate the tricky waters of API product development and come out the other side with a reliable and effective product throughout the shipping, maintenance, and deprecation phases.

About the speaker
Archie Agrawal Founder

Archie Agrawal is a product manager, entrepreneur, and angel investor. She has held engineering and product roles at Bank of America, Microsoft, and most recently at Amazon. She has strong product-management expertise in building consumer, developer, and enterprise products. Among other things, she is currently building The Breakout Space - a career accelerator for early/mid-career folks and writing weekly here about tech, career, and product; and over here about the creators, companies, and culture of India.

About the host
Rishikesh Yardi Head of Chapter Seattle

Rishikesh is a Sr. Product Leader at Instacart. He has 10+ years of field knowledge at some of the most prestigious product companies in the world. He enjoys working on product development from the bottom-up and seeing products come to fruition.

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