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Vimeo fmr GM/SVP on T-Shaped Product Management

Product management is a jack-of-all-trades role. However, it is important to be a master of some. How do you determine where to go deep and where to know enough to be effective? How do you develop the cross-section of skills to make yourself a more effective product manager? Join Vimeo fmr CPO Christophe Gillet to learn about “T-shaped product management” and how your personal “T” is most effective within your organization.

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  • Unique perspectives from featured VP/C-suite products executives
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About the Speaker

Christophe Gillet

Skillshare Chief Product Officer
Christophe is the Chief Product Officer at Skillshare - where he runs product, design and engineering. Prior to joining Skillshare, Christophe was GM & Head of Product at Vimeo, where he led the product vision for the overall brand experience and development for Vimeo’s creator platform tools. In addition, Christophe has held product roles at eBay, Fan.TV, and iPreo.

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