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User experience for online advertising isn’t something that’s necessarily associated with the word exciting. In fact, it tends to be an arena that users try to avoid. So how did one company turn that dread for online ads into a fun, satisfying, and ultimately rewarding experience? Brave VP of Services and Operations Jimmy Secretan shares the challenges he faced when distilling a complex, technical protocol into a comprehensible UX, all while flipping the narrative on its head by rewarding the user.

About the speaker
Jimmy Secretan VP of Services and Operations

Jimmy Secretan is VP of Services and Operations at Brave, where he oversees product and engineering for Brave Ads, which rewards users for seeing privacy safe advertising. He also manages the teams that work on Brave Today (Brave’s news product) and a number of other services. Before Brave, he was CTO at the travel app company Roadtrippers, where he led the engineering and product teams. Prior, his experience focused on private and scalable ad technology at companies like Sonobi and Korrelate. Jimmy holds a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from University of Central Florida.