Webinar: H&R Block Product VP on Building Customer-Focused Teams

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Webinar: H&R Block Product VP on Building Customer-Focused Teams

For product teams, creative thinking will develop into efficient and fruitful customer-focused solutions. But how much time are product teams really allocating for talking to, understanding, or reflecting on their customers? During this webinar, H&R Block Product VP Vanessa Jupe explores how data, research, and ingenuity can help build creative, customer-focused teams. She shares her firsthand experience of the deficit that comes from being internally focused.

Event program
  • Unique perspectives from featured VP/C-suite products executives
  • Networking before and after the session
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  • Webinar Format: Enjoy our Speaker Presentation followed by Q&A Session
About the Speaker

Vanessa Jupe

H&R Block Vice President, Digital Products & Services
Vanessa Jupe serves as Vice President of Digital Products and Services for H&R Block and is responsible for evolving the product line and improving customer success and affinity. Vanessa has spent 17+ years working in the world of internet technology, beginning as a web developer and organically evolving into a product management leader. She has worked for USAA and DIRECTV where she led teams responsible for launching new digital products to market, increasing customer sentiment, and substantially increasing profitability. She previously taught product management for General Assembly and currently serves on their Product Management Standards Board. Vanessa is passionate about human-centered design, research, and being data driven. She holds her BBA in Information Systems from the University of the Incarnate Word and Master's of Science in Technology Commercialization from UT Austin McCombs School of Business.

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