Webinar: Ripple Product Lead on Bootstrapping New Ecosystems Using Blockchain

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Webinar: Ripple Product Lead on Bootstrapping New Ecosystems Using Blockchain

Blockchain is one of the more intriguing emerging technologies around. What has developing a blockchain solution taught us about building products using emerging technologies? In this session, Ripple Product Lead, Craig DeWitt, discusses how to leverage cutting edge emerging technologies, such as Digital Assets, to bootstrap new multisided ecosystems from scratch. The talk begins with an overview of identifying the technological platform and moves on to deciding which of your stakeholders are customers vs partners.  From there, we’ll discuss leveraging all three (platform, customer, partners) as instruments to build valuable ecosystems.

This webinar is sponsored by our partners at Amplitude. Amplitude is the market-leader for Product Intelligence. Their platform’s powerful combination of product analytics, data management, and behavioral targeting empowers teams to use customer insights to drive conversion and retention. Over 30,000 teams use Amplitude to grow their digital business. 

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Event program
  • Unique perspectives from featured VP/C-suite products executives
  • Webinar Format: Enjoy our Speaker Presentation followed by Q&A Session
About the Speaker

Craig DeWitt

Ripple Director of Product
I have my undergrad from UC Berkeley and my MBA from Stanford - I met my wife at Berkeley, so in terms of loyalties I'm still a Golden Bear. In between educations I worked at Bloomberg on the core platform of financial analytics products. My most recent career has been the 5 years I've spent building the Internet of Value at Ripple where I've been responsible for the strategic development of RippleNet, the world’s only enterprise blockchain solution for global payments.

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