Webinar: The Design Gym Co-Founder & President on The People Part of Product

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Webinar: The Design Gym Co-Founder & President on The People Part of Product

Whether we’re looking within our organizations or externally to our customers, it’s the people that are the most significant, and also the most complex part of the product management equation. In this session, The Design Gym Co-Founder & President, Jason Wisdom, discusses the questions, rituals, and behavioral norms we can put in place to make navigating people challenges a bit easier.

This webinar is sponsored by our partners at Amplitude. Amplitude is the market-leader for Product Intelligence. Their platform’s powerful combination of product analytics, data management, and behavioral targeting empowers teams to use customer insights to drive conversion and retention. Over 30,000 teams use Amplitude to grow their digital business. 

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Event program
  • Unique perspectives from featured VP/C-suite products executives
  • Webinar Format: Enjoy our Speaker Presentation followed by Q&A Session
About the Speaker

Jason Wisdom

The Design Gym Co-founder and President
As a Co-founder and President of The Design Gym, Jason Wisdom has spent the last 8 years of his career coaching leaders and designing experiences that support greater human understanding. From redesigning global sales processes to focus on trust building, to pushing mental health into product roadmapping, Jason lives to connect the dots between supporting social needs and driving business metrics.

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