fmr General Assembly VP Product, Tara Goldman, will be speaking to us via webinar on Aug. 19 to discuss succeeding in a new remote product role.

During her talk, Goldman will give practical advice about how to succeed in new product roles, including “creating strategies for successful remote onboarding and work” and how to achieve quicker outcomes. “Starting a new product role can be daunting regardless of industry or level of experience. And for those of us who aren’t experienced in worked remotely, there are now new challenges that we haven’t navigated before,” Goldman explains.

The talk will be held virtually on Aug. 19 at 6:30 PM EST. Ticketing will be complimentary, but guests can also opt in for a $25 donation towards Products That Count.

Tara is VP Product at Electric and has been building and leading product teams from growth stage startups to mature enterprise organizations for over a decade. Prior to Electric, she’d held product leadership roles at General Assembly, WW (formerly Weight Watchers) and The College Board.

In preparation for this exciting event, Goldman answered a few questions regarding product management and data science experience.

What is Your Favorite Product and Why?

Right now, it’s Peloton. The end to end experience from purchasing online, to setting expectations on arrival, general onboarding to the hardware and the software, and overall product experience has been so seamless. It’s not easy to marry offline and online experiences and Peloton has been able to successfully do so.

Why Does Product Management Matter to You?

Because it’s a blend of so many different skillsets with the soft skills and how to bring people together at its core. No problem is the same which keeps it interesting.

What Makes a Great Product?

The surprise and delight — those moments you didn’t expect and just happen that makes the experience that much better.

What Makes a Great Product Manager?

Curiosity, empathy, and a laser focus on achieving outcomes quickly via iteration.

Goldman also provided us with some reading recommendations for prospective and up-and-coming product managers and leaders. These may even help those looking to succeed in a remote product role. First, she pointed to the Silicon Valley Product Group and its insightful blogs that cover topics like product vision and product discovery. Goldman also thinks Teresa Torres and Melissa Perri are essential for readings specifically regarding product management. For anyone interested in leadership roles, Goldman suggests reading up on Brene Brown and the Harvard Business Review.

About the speaker
Tara Goldman General Assembly, Senior Director, Product Member