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September 2, 2015

Companies live and die by their ability to drive customer and revenue growth.  Growth guru Sean Ellis, who coined the term “growth hacking” in 2010, will reveal how product teams can maximize their impact on growth.  Ellis will share examples from companies he helped grow from customer zero to IPO, including Dropbox, Eventbrite and Uproar.

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July 29, 2015
How do you create disruption in a complex ecosystem? Is an aggressive stand against the industry, such as Uber’s, the only way? Is it the most effective way? Emmy-award winner and TiVo’s CDO Margret Schmidt shares lessons learned from TiVo’s success in disrupting television and building partnerships with media behemoth like cable operators.
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June 23, 2015

How do you dramatically change your personal habits, from health to finance, career and happiness? myFitnessPal marketing VP Tara-Nicholle Nelson reveals secrets and behaviors of “transformational consumers”, people who view all of life as a series of “personal disruption” projects.

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May 27, 2015
In most companies, data and analytics have historically been considered a service.  However, analysts are now taking a more proactive role in driving businesses, and the more recent introduction of big data has accelerated this trend.  Facebook Analytics VP Ken Rudin shares how his team is aligned behind impact, not insights.
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May 3, 2015

In an age of ever-increasing distractions, quickly creating customer habits is an important characteristic of successful products. How do companies create products people use every day? Nir Eyal, the bestselling author of “Hooked”, has constructed a framework for designing better products. He also reveals exclusive tips on how to get unhooked.

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April 22, 2015

How do you actually go about achieving what most people think is completely impossible? Trulia founder Sami Inkinen shares what he learned in business, health and life from founding real estate marketplace Trulia, taking it all the way to IPO, breaking the two-person transpacific rowing world record, and more. If you can measure something, he believes, you can improve it.

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April 17, 2015

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March 25, 2015

A well-designed workplace is critical to attract A-players and build at first-class culture. The traditional open-space plan no longer suit the need of innovative companies, so what does tomorrow’s work environment look like? Award-winning designer of the new Uber, Cisco, and Yelp offices, Primo Orpilla, shares his secret for bringing creativity, productivity, and culture into the work space.

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February 25, 2015

How do you know what to build next? Whether you’ve just got an idea or already have users/customers, you’re thinking about what the right thing to build is. Co-founder of KISSmetrics Hiten Shah shares best practices to make sure you are doing the right things at every stage of your business using customer feedback and your own point of view to have the best product iteration possible.

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January 28, 2015

Facebook’s ex-head of mobile development Jocelyn Goldfein shares best practices in building great software companies and cultures. “Your business model and technology stack shape your software company’s DNA and culture. You should understand how and why.”

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