The 2020 Product Awards are just one week away! That’s right, in just one week we’ll have a new list of the best products for product managers at each stage of the product lifecycle: conceive, collaborate, design, build and operate. Each stage has 3-4 categories for which we will name winners. There were over 2,000 nominations this year! We selected an Awards Advisory Board (AAB) comprised of product leaders to help whittle down the finalists.

For the 2020 Product Awards, we created individual blog posts for each stage of the product lifecycle. We’ll link them here for your convenience.

Conceive Stage Finalists

For this stage, we had the help of ClimateAI Head of Product & Growth, Anthony Atlas, to select the finalists. See them here.

Collaborate Stage Finalists

This stage had the help of Twitter Senior Product Head, Laura Burkhauser, who helped determine the finalists. See them here.

Design Stage Finalists

Here the AAB member in charge was Macmillan Learning Senior Director of Product on Design, Neha Taleja, who assisted in picking the finalists. See them here.

Build Stage Finalists

For the build stage at the 2020 Product Awards, we had the help of Credit Karma Associate Director of Product, Christina Lucey, in determining the finalists. See them here.

Operate Stage Finalists

GameClub COO & Head of Product, Britt Myers, lent a hand in selecting the finalists for this stage. See them here.

Special Thanks

We want to take a moment to thank Heap and Tugboat Logic who are sponsors for the 2020 Product Awards. The ability to reward honor these products helps to show product managers the world over what the best products are that give them superpowers at each stage of the product lifecycle. We appreciate their participation in this endeavor.

Make a Difference at the 2020 Product Awards

We’re selected a few charities to honor at this year’s Awards. They are charities that represent some of the products that matter the most: food, water, and shelter. We’ll be making a donation to each charity, as well as matching, dollar-for-dollar, every dollar raised between now and the Product Awards. Those charities are charity: water, Project Open Hand, and Miracle Messages. You can click here to donate to one or all of them and help make a difference. You can also share that post on your social channels to help spread the word!

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