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“We boosted PM team efficiency by 29% in 3 months. The program paid for itself many times”

– SVP, Product Management, Fortune 100 company

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– CPO, Global Financial Firm

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“Monthly meetings cover topics that the group prioritizes, but there is always time allotted to discuss topics specific to my own needs where 1:1 conversations follow.

With each group interaction, I learn something new that is actionable in my organization.”

Michael Kolman, Chief Product Officer, ION Treasury

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Is your product a victim of Ineffective Product Management?

Ineffective product management comes at a cost: 1 in 3 product launches fail, a 30% lost Product Team & Engineering throughput, significant missed revenue, and a ~30% turnover rate within the Product team. It can also derail a digital transformation.

Take the growth mindset assessment below (5-7 minutes). There is a strong likelihood that your Product Team could be 30% more productive, be more innovative with a 30% increase in growth mindset, and be the competitive advantage your business needs. Check out the Strategic Product Management Bootcamp with Personalized Mentorship to learn more.

What makes a Great Product?
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A great product is about much more than features and functions, than just solving a problem. A great product addresses the Body (knows the user), Mind (delivers value), and Spirit (elegant, touches emotions).

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Learn Best Practices from Top Product Leaders

Each month, Products That Count offers webinars, articles, podcasts, infographics, white papers, videos, blog posts, and eBooks to help busy Product teams be their best. These resources allow you to learn from diverse business leaders that have put a Product-First culture into practice, experienced product executives that have successfully navigated challenges like those your team is currently facing. Explore resources like the ones below to take your skills to the next level.

CPO Rising Series: CONA Services CPO on Leveraging AI and Customer Centricity in Product Development

In this episode of the CPO Rising Series hosted by Renee Niemi, Petra Romano shares her experiences leveraging AI and customer centricity.


Launchpad Recruiting Labs Founder on Strategic Hiring in a Changing Tech Landscape

In this episode hosted by Nacho Andrade, John LaMarche shares his expertise on hiring in a changing tech landscape.


Trellix VP of Product on GenAI in Cybersecurity

In this webinar, Trellix VP of Product Deepak Dalvi will speak on GenAI in cybersecurity and how PMs can use GenAI to disrupt and add value.


PEAK6 Head of AI on Leveraging AI to Scale Product Businesses

In this episode of Product Talk hosted by Sid Shaik, Yuying Chen-Wynn speaks on her experience leveraging AI to scale product businesses.


CPO Rising Series: Varo Bank CPO on Building Trust with Customers through Data-Driven Innovation

In this episode of the CPO Rising Series hosted by Renee Niemi, Wook Chung discusses building trust with customers.


Dealops Co-Founder on B2B Pricing Strategies

In this webinar, Spyri Karasavva speaks on B2B pricing strategies from the startup phase through to the IPO.

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