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The Rise of The Chief Product Officer: Study of the Most Important Role in Business
The State of the Chief Product Officer in 2022.
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At Products That Count, we believe that everyone can build great products that transform lives and create value at scale. We bring the world’s leading product experts and product lovers together to celebrate innovation from the world’s best product talent and product-forward brands. With over 300K Product Managers, Product Leaders, and CPOs in our network, Products That Count is a Market Maker in Product, leading industry change.

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Products That Count resources are straight from C/VP-level product executives from companies such as Netflix, Amazon, and Etsy, who understand the unique challenges of product management. These diverse product executives are setting the tone for product-led growth in their companies and are actively engaged in solving challenges similar to what you’re encountering in your product role.

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Each month, Products That Count offers webinars, articles, podcasts, infographics, white papers, videos, blog posts, and eBooks to help busy Product teams be their best. These resources allow you to learn from diverse business leaders that have put Product-Led Growth into practice, experienced product executives that have successfully navigated challenges like those your team is currently facing. Become a member for free and have access to all gated and non-gated content.

CPO Rising Series: Fidelity Investments CPO on Developing a Strong Talent Pipeline

Deba Sahoo shares best practices for building a strong talent pipeline by investing in a culture of learning and development.


VODIUM Co-founder on the Nonlinear Path to a Tech Startup

VODIUM Co-founder Camille Padilla shares her nonlinear path and unique experiences that led her to build a tech startup.


The State of the Chief Product Officer in 2022 (eBook)

This eBook is all about the top challenges facing today’s CPOs — as well as best practices offering solutions. Here, learn how Chief Product Officers attract and retain great talent in a difficult marketplace. Learn how these executives lead culture shifts and accelerate growth. Learn, too, how they handle metrics, prioritization, distributed teams, and more.

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Product Awards Series: Amplitude SVP of Product on the Customer as Part of the Team

From the company’s origins to its evolving analytics tools, Justin Bauer explains why, at Amplitude, the customer is part of the team.


“How I Built That” with Capgemini: Heatworks Founder & CEO on Sustainability in Product

The first in the “How I Built That” with Capgemini Series is all about Jerry Callahan’s passion for sustainability and efficient design.


CPO Rising Series: Atlassian CPO on Having a Well-Designed Value System

In this, the eighth episode in the CPO Rising Series, Atlassian Chief Product Officer Joff Redfern talks about the importance of values.

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SC Moatti at 2020 Product Awards

Products That Count announces the 2022 Product Awards Winners

On March 9, 2022, Products That Count, in partnership with Mighty Capital and Capgemini, celebrated the best products for Product Managers with the 2022 Product Awards and Global Top 20 CPOs.

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SC Moatti at 2020 Product Awards