Ineffective product management can lead to 1 in 3 failed launches, 30% lost Engineering throughput, high Product team attrition, and a 30% decrease in revenue.

It could also threaten your Digital Transformation

  • My team needs to build more trust with Engineering and Sales to allow our company to be more product-led
  • If I’m honest, it’s hard to find time to innovate and we’re more project managers than product managers
  • I’m losing my best people to companies with more established product cultures
  • We could release much better products faster if we all used the same language, frameworks, and tools
  • There is a great need for mentorship, because our PM team has varying experience and backgrounds
  • We get stuck doing mission-critical work and it’s hard to find time for features that would delight our customers
  • We need to find better ways to prioritize and listen to the voice of the customer
  • We say we need to become product-first, but we don’t walk the talk
  • The Great Resignation has PMs shifting priorities in their lives and we’ve seen massive churn

How did we get here?

Product Team Growth

A merger, acquisition, or growth resulted in siloed Product teams with varied levels of competency and experience.

Leadership Change

A change of leadership in the C-suite brought about a new vision & strategy.

Digital Transformation

The company is undergoing a cultural shift requiring new products, processes & approaches.

Stop Performing Below Your Potential

Accelerate Revenue

Realize a 30% improvement in growth mindset, often in the first 3 months.

By engaging, innovating, and experimenting, you will build the right products faster that delight customers and sets your company apart as a market leader.

Optimize Throughput

Gain a 30% increase in Product Team & Engineering productivity to confidently deliver on your product roadmap. Accomplish more with less people.

9 of 10 customers saw increased productivity in under 30 days.

Reduce Churn

Combat The Great Resignation by building a product culture in which Product Managers see their purpose and potential on your team

Drive Personalized Mentorship at Scale

Growth Mindset Assessment

Read the story of how Personalized Mentorship made a difference for FinTech leader Galileo. See where your product team stands today. Identify and benchmark gaps, opportunities for growth, and quick wins for your product organization through a self-evaluation of your PMs against the core competencies for successful product management.

Strategic PM Course

Uplevel Product Managers to a strategic mindset through a self-paced course focused on first principles: what makes a great product?, what makes a great PM?, and what makes a great product leader? Unlimited access to course content, worksheets, handouts, and exclusive extras for your Product team.

Product Bootcamp

Learn the latest best practices, tools, and frameworks, from C-level executives and VPs across our community of 300K+ sharing real-life examples, combined with your organization’s unique perspectives through a 12-week guided program. Monthly Ask Me Anything sessions are hosted by product leaders to provide an external perspective for your Product Team.

Mentor Bootcamp

Give emerging Product Managers more visibility and thought leadership opportunities by developing mentors and evangelists to drive change for the organization through a 12-week guided mentor program.

The Difference is Important

For-profit companies

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One size fits all
One-time training
Product consultants
Unclear ROI

Products That Count

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Personalized content
Scalable, Guided
Ongoing mentorship
Leadership involved
Measurable ROI

We’re a nonprofit, and our mission is the success of the product sector…you!

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