Product Managers: Do any of these describe your career?

  • Over half of Product Managers are new to their role and feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities.
  • 1 in 3 Product Managers leave their job because there were no opportunities for them to grow.
  • Half of Product Managers have a 10-year goal of becoming a Product Leader.
  • 4 of 10 Product Managers say they frequently experience “Imposter Syndrome”.
  • The #1 reason Product Managers leave is a lack of mentoring by their Product Leaders.
  • 3 of 4 Product Managers see getting more skills and certifications as key to progression of their careers.

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Best Practices

Products That Count offers resources describing proven product-led growth Best Practices from experienced product executive practitioners.


Take a top-rated strategic Product Management course to perfect and get certified in the superpowers that will make you successful.


Obtain personalized coaching and mentoring  from experienced Product Leaders who have successfully overcome the challenges you’re facing.

Peer Network

Join Product That Count’s network of over 300K Product Managers and Product Leaders to discuss your top challenges and learn how others solved them.

Advance Your Career – Become a Product Leader

The Ambitious PM: How to Advance in a Product Career
See the Infographic
Best Practices on the PM Job Market
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Gainsight CPO on Paving a Career in Product Management (podcast)
Listen to the podcast
Getting that PM Promotion
Read the post & eBook
Getting that Senior PM Dream Job
Read the post & eBook
Three Tips for Succeeding in Product Management at a Startup
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Top Books Every Product Manager Should Read (article)
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The Trajectory of a PM Career
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Learn from Leaders that Deliver Award-Winning Products

The 2022 Product Awards celebrated the tools that give Product Managers their superpowers, enabling them to deliver market-leading products & services that delight existing customers and bring in future customers across current and new markets. The Product Award Series is a collection of 20 podcasts from the Product Leaders, CEOs, and founders that produced these amazing products.

Being Obsessed with Team Engagement

What tools improve team engagement?

Hear the podcast
Building a Virtual Office

Which way to the virtual water cooler?

Hear the podcast
Building Solutions People are Willing to Buy

What’s the “special sauce” of successful products?

Hear the podcast
Customer as Part of the Team

Do you live in the minds of your customers?

Hear the podcast
Diplomats of Product

Are you more like a CEO or like Henry Kissinger?

Hear the podcast
Experimenting Instead of Guessing

Build what the customer wants or needs?

Hear the podcast
Researching the Why

Is your product infused with research best practices?

Hear the podcast
Sizing the Opportunity

Which problems are worth pursuing?

Hear the podcast
Talking to Users in the Digital Era

How well do you know your users?

Hear the podcast
Utility and Delight

Are useful products the same as delightful products?

Hear the podcast

Leaders in Innovation with Capgemini Series

Capgemini Invent is Capgemini Group’s innovation, design, and transformation powerhouse, accelerating ideas into prototypes and scalable real-world solutions that help our clients get the future they want. As part of the 2022 Product Awards, Capgemini is sponsoring a 5-part series on “Leaders in Innovation”.

The Big Impact of Sustainability in Product

What do dishwashers, tea kettles, and water heaters have in common?

Hear the podcast
Smart Infrastructure and the Future of Cities

Will my city become “smart”?

Hear the podcast
Sustainability in Product

Can product design solve world hunger?

Hear the podcast
Leading the Way for Sustainable Products & Services: A Capgemini-Sponsored eBook

What does sustainable product design even mean?

Read the post & eBook

Best Practices for PMs (Free)

The Blockchain Product Roadmap (eBook)

Blockchain is decentralizing finance, enabling Web3, and creating a level of transparency and consumer-control never before seen in tech.

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Product Awards Series: Pendo SVP of New Products on Utility and Delight

In episode 10 of the 2022 Product Awards series, we learn why the dichotomy between utility and delight may be false.


Leading the Way for Sustainable Products & Services: A Capgemini-Sponsored eBook

From PM priorities, to key metrics, to relevant action steps you can take today, this eBook is about sustainability in products and services.

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Product Awards Series: Hootsuite SVP of Product on Sizing the Opportunity

In number 9 in the 2022 Product Awards series, Darren Guarnaccia explains that in prioritization, sizing is everything.

Keep Lines Of Communication Strong

ZEFR Product Lead Bharat Manglani offers advice to product teams for building strong lines of communication.

Leaders in Innovation: Unilever Global Head of Digital Innovation on Data, Priorities, and Sustainability

Unilever’s Darren Adams on how PMs can set and reach goals to create trends in digital innovation and sustainability.

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