Product Managers, is something holding back your career? Do any of these describe you?

  • Over half of Product Managers are new to their role and feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities.
  • 1 in 3 Product Managers leave their job because there were no opportunities for them to grow.
  • Half of Product Managers have a 10-year goal of becoming a Product Leader.
  • 4 of 10 Product Managers say they frequently experience “Imposter Syndrome”.
  • The #1 reason Product Managers leave is a lack of mentoring by their Product Leaders.
  • 3 of 4 Product Managers see getting more skills and certifications as key to progression of their careers.

Products That Count helps Product Managers with

Best Practices

Products That Count offers over 3000 resources describing proven product-led growth Best Practices from experienced product executive practitioners.


Take a top-rated strategic PM course to perfect and get certified in the superpowers that will make you successful and advance your career quickly.


Obtain personalized coaching and mentoring  from experienced Product Managers and Product Leaders who have successfully overcome the challenges you’re facing.

Peer Network

Join Product That Count’s network of over 300K Product Managers and Product Leaders to discuss your top challenges and learn how others solved them.

Products That Count is the largest, most influential community of Product Managers and Leaders, with over 300K members. We can help you Join, Shape, and Drive the Product conversation while staying sharp.


Join the conversation

Connect with new and experienced Product Managers and Product Leaders through our 100+ events per year.

Shape the conversation

Broaden your perspective and learn best practices through the lens of C/VP-leaders. Hear how Product execs solved the problems you’re currently facing.
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Drive the conversation

Contribute to your company’s Product community and stand out as a Product Management SME and potential Product Leader.
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Stay Sharp

Sharpen your skills as a Product Manager with our Strategic PM Bootcamp and Personalized Mentoring.
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Learn Best Practices from Top Product Managers and Leaders (Free)

CPO Rising Series: Fidelity Investments CPO on Developing a Strong Talent Pipeline

Deba Sahoo shares best practices for building a strong talent pipeline by investing in a culture of learning and development.


VODIUM Co-founder on the Nonlinear Path to a Tech Startup

VODIUM Co-founder Camille Padilla shares her nonlinear path and unique experiences that led her to build a tech startup.


The State of the Chief Product Officer in 2022 (eBook)

This eBook is all about the top challenges facing today’s CPOs — as well as best practices offering solutions. Here, learn how Chief Product Officers attract and retain great talent in a difficult marketplace. Learn how these executives lead culture shifts and accelerate growth. Learn, too, how they handle metrics, prioritization, distributed teams, and more.

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Product Awards Series: Amplitude SVP of Product on the Customer as Part of the Team

From the company’s origins to its evolving analytics tools, Justin Bauer explains why, at Amplitude, the customer is part of the team.


“How I Built That” with Capgemini: Heatworks Founder & CEO on Sustainability in Product

The first in the “How I Built That” with Capgemini Series is all about Jerry Callahan’s passion for sustainability and efficient design.


CPO Rising Series: Atlassian CPO on Having a Well-Designed Value System

In this, the eighth episode in the CPO Rising Series, Atlassian Chief Product Officer Joff Redfern talks about the importance of values.

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