Product Management can be pretty daunting. Some have described it like being a mini-CEO. Your product will succeed or fail based on decisions you make.

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In addition, you’ve got to broker compromises with Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Sales Enablement, Legal, and complementary products within your company, and Customers, Partners, Press, and Analysts outside of your company.

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You need to be both a visionary and an evangelist, painting the product vision and getting buy-in from cross-functional organizations that don’t report to you


Given all that, why would anyone take a Product job?

Because it is one of the most exciting roles available. Chief Product Officers (CPO) are now part of the C-Suite, transforming the culture of their companies to be product-led. Market-leading organizations are already over 2x more likely to involve the Product team in strategy decisions. You, the Product Manager, play a key role in that transformation.

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In addition, your work will make a bottom-line difference to your customers, your company, and partners. You’re not like George Jetson, pushing a big red button not knowing whether it matters. Growth occurs as a result of the ideas YOU champion and drive to fruition.

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With such pressure, it is no surprise that

  • Over half of Product Managers are new to their role and feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities.
  • 4 of 10 Product Managers say they frequently experience “Imposter Syndrome”.
  • 3 of 4 Product Managers see getting more skills and certifications as key to progression of their careers.
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You don’t need to navigate the Product path alone. The Product Manager page has outstanding resources from experienced Product executives to help you succeed as a Product Manager and great build products that people can’t put down. Here are several to get you started:

Products That Count has many great resources for Product Managers and Product Owners like you. Click the link to access over 100 podcasts, videos, blogs, articles, eBooks, and infographics on the topic of Best Practices of a Great Product Manager.

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