The top blogs every product manager should read according to the product executives that drive our networks product conversation.

Nir & Far

“There are all kinds of resources and tools you can download for yourself to help you become indistractible.” Product Talk Ep. 60 (iTunes / Spotify)

Joseph Campbell 

“I find the work of Joseph Campbell very very inspiring just because he connects with a human experience you know through a framework such as the hero’s journey which are very fundamental and again very resilient frameworks.” Product Talk Ep. 65 (iTunes / Spotify)

Simon Sinceck

“He is in a constant state of inspiration.” Product Talk Ep. 65 (iTunes / Spotify)

Stratechery by Ben Thompson 

“Ben does a great job of breaking down the problems starting from scratch without going into exactly what the solution is and he does a good job of building background and context.” Product Talk Ep. 59 (iTunes / Spotify), 58 (iTunes / Spotify), 56 (iTunes / Spotify), 

Code as Craft

“This blog covers many spaces between product management and product development.“ Product Talk Ep. 58 (iTunes / Spotify)

Eugene Wei

“I found him to have some really interesting things to say about product and writing a business plan. He talks a lot about keeping and gaining back users and user engagement.” Product Talk Ep. 56 (iTunes / Spotify)

Sarah Tavel

“I really respect her sort of foresight and how she sees the market and where she sees opportunities.” Product Talk Ep. 52 (iTunes / Spotify)

Neilsen Norman group

“Great UX research based learning’s” Product Talk Ep. 54 (iTunes / Spotify)

Patty Mccord

“Give’s great insight on employees and teams and what the reality of the business is” Product Talk Ep. 46 (iTunes / Spotify)

Reid Hoffman 

“This has some gold nuggets!” Product Talk Ep. 42 (iTunes / Spotify)

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