Long ago in Pre-Covid times, we lived in a world where we could meet in person to listen to engaging industry leaders. They would share their insights on the craft of product management, we’d make new friends while networking, and pick the brains of the top minds in tech. Truly, life was wonderful. Then March arrived.

Fortunately, Products That Count wasn’t too shaken by the pandemic. Like many of our industry leading guests, we immediately looked for ways to continue our sessions within the new normal. While others chose to put a pin in networking events, we found new life in our incredibly popular Webinar Speaker Series. Thus, life is still wonderful.

Now, we run webinars every week across half a dozen chapter cities with hundreds of attendees joining us from near and far. Our viewership continues to grow, as does the product community at large. We are beyond grateful for the support from the product community and promise to continue to regularly provide new world-class content. Digital innovation doesn’t stop, so we don’t either.

Read on to catch up on The 5 Top Webinars of 2020, and tune in to Products That Count each week for new material. And don’t forget to nominate your favorite products of 2020 for the upcoming Product Awards!

Microsoft Outlook Product Head on Getting 100M Users

We rounded the corner into 2020 and immediately brought in one of the top minds in mobile Product. Holding the top spot in views this year is Microsoft Outlook Product Head Michael Palermiti. He loses no time in sharing how they build a differentiated mobile email and calendar app that enables users to connect, organize, and get things done on the go. Plus, he dives into how to retain cultural team values from Day Zero forward.

Check out the full presentation here.

Yelp Data Science VP on Product Management for Data Science

As we came upon our 5-year milestone we couldn’t help but bring in a member of one of our original fan companies. Yelp has been on the Products That Count train since the beginning, helping drive the product conversation both in and out of San Francisco. In the next most popular webinar, Head of Data Science Justin Norman establishes the baselines for product management in data science. A unique intersection in tech, it requires an operational understanding of advanced analytics and machine learning software development. Not to mention a realistic view of the responsibilities, key skills, capabilities, and limitations involved.

Catch the entire session right here.

Intersect Product Lead on Featureless Product Roadmaps

Next up, we have a session with our northern friends. Representing the flourishing global market in our Toronto Chapter, we welcome Railz.ai Product VP, Sam Kawtharani. In his presentation, he dives into how product managers accomplish creating a product roadmap without features. Sounds intriguing, right? Sam shares how to delicately balance a swift follow through with max revenue. You never know, a featureless roadmap may be a better fit for a product. 

Get all the how’s and why’s here.

Fmr Netflix VP on Netflix 2020 Product Strategy

When we talk about industry leaders, it doesn’t get more relevant than Netflix. In the same vein, there’s never been a bigger year for industry disruption than 2020. If you’re looking for ways to evolve your product strategy in the year of years, look no further. Former Netflix VP of Product Management Gib Biddle presents a mock product strategy for one of the biggest players in media in a highly interactive webinar experience. Derived from five different classic strategy frameworks, he throws in the Covid twist affecting every company today.

Enhance your covid strategy here.

Verizon Media VP on 3 Ingredients of Awesome PMs

Finally, we round out our top 5 webinars with a session for all the achievers in the community. It’s not easy to narrow down the top qualities of a product manager into a list of 3. However, if there’s anyone that can do it, it’s Guy Levit. The Verizon Media Vice President of Product Management oversees its Publisher Monetization Products. But did we also mention he’s led PM teams at Google as well? Pulling from a lifetime of expertise leading product teams, Guy shares the three essential features of a great Product Manager. If there’s any year to focus on a level-up, it’s now.

Improve your product management skills here.

While we are still enjoying the outside world from the view of our windows, let’s connect in the ways we can. On our side, we promise to continue pushing the product conversation forward. Enjoy the Top 5 Webinars of 2020, and we’ll see you soon in 2021!

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