The Best Of Products That Count Speaker Series Videos

Leading product executives shape our network’s product conversation by giving insightful talks and sharing unique perspectives. Here are the speaker series videos from events with our highest attendance. We host events monthly in San Jose, San Francisco, New York City, Austin, and Seattle. See what events are upcoming up by clicking here!

Watch: Slack Product Lead on Excellence Under Uncertainty

Speaker: Paul Rosania

Key learnings: 

  • Achieve product excellence when building software products 
  • Learn how product builders can guarantee excellence when plans go wrong
  • An overview of the risks that face software teams, and a recipe for building exceptional products

Watch: Uber Former Product Exec on Building Products at Scale

Speaker: Frederique Dame

Key learnings: 

  • The fundamentals of building great products at scale
  • Why it is critical to have a clear mission and clear goals
  • Stay agile as you scale
  • What culture fosters innovation with a team that operates in hyper growth mode 
  • Concrete examples from Yahoo!, Photobucket, SmugMug, and Uber

Watch: Netflix Former Product VP on Netflix from Good to Great

Speaker: Gibson Biddle

Key learnings: 

  • Insights on how Gibson’s product team worked in concert with marketing to build a great product and brand
  • He dives into the early days of product strategy and metrics, as well as some of the company’s successes and failures along the way
  • He reveals the models used to develop a beloved brand and how these models apply to other consumer tech companies- enabling them to delight customers in hard-to-copy, margin-enhancing ways

Watch: Slack Head Of Growth on Constantly Beginning

Speaker: Merci Victoria

Key learnings: 

  • Bring new users on board in ways that keeps them coming back 
  • Merci reveals the secrets behind Slack user experience including building a culture of shoshin (the “beginner’s mindset”)
  • Cultivate empathy for new users and more. 

Watch: Best Selling Author Geoff Moore on Disruptive Innovation

Speaker: Geoff Moore

Key learnings: 

  • Disruptive innovation is changing the ways in which businesses think about developing goods/services, and how they reach target audiences 
  • The impact of disruptive innovation on organizational design 
  • Sset up your team for success in today’s ever-turbulent business landscape.

Watch: Amazon Music Director on The Amazon Way

Speaker: Kintan Brahmbhatt

Key learnings: 

  • The secrets behind Amazon’s success 
  • Insights on Amazon’s approach to building products by working backwards from the customer

Watch: Coinbase CPO on Design Thinking

Speaker: Jeremy Henrickson

Key learnings: 

  • What innovation really means
  • Build a blockchain platform that accelerates the advent of an open financial system 
  • How to go about transforming complex industries like finance and insurance
  • Jeremy shares stories from his career and other experiences about how meaningful innovation emerges from first principles.
  • He explains why he usually eschews conventional wisdom, and why he believes that great products, great teams, and even great music grows from first principles thinking.

Watch: Forbes Top 100 VC on Messaging is Eating the World

Speaker: Tim Chang

Key learnings: 

  • Conversation and messaging-based interfaces are becoming the new norm in the post-app economy for next-generation mobile services, commerce and transactions. 
  • Why do some messaging services thrive when most don’t
  • Tim shares his investment thesis for re-inventing the interface for everything from offline services, shopping, healthcare, banking and finance, education, fitness, nutrition, to travel, enterprise apps, and IoT via messaging and chat
  • He shares lessons learned from the most compelling mobile messaging services out there. 

Watch: DoorDash Product VP On Becoming A Product Owner

Speaker: Rajat Shroff

Key learnings: 

  • The qualities that define great product managers 
  • The importance of owning your domain. 
  • The difference between “owning” your product vs. “renting” it
  • What it takes to truly take ownership of your product 
  • Rajat shares the secret to operating as a product owner – providing best practices that are proven to steadily increase your effectiveness.

Watch: Dropbox Product Head on Crafting an Authentic Product Strategy

Speaker: Olivia Teich

Key learnings: 

  • Olivia shares stories from the front lines of trying – and often failing – in applying someone else’s business model, product strategy, and management style. 
  • Learn the right way to apply learnings from others’ success

Watch: Google Product VP on AI Product Design

Speaker: Bradley Horowitz

Key learnings: 

  • Bradley share insights gleaned along his 25 year journey from Computer Vision researcher to Product Executive at Google. 
  • He traces a continuity from his own computer vision focused startup (Virage), to Flickr (which he acquired and managed at Yahoo), finally culminating in the launch of Google Photos (which he oversaw at Google).

Watch: Eventbrite Growth VP on How to Build a Billion-Dollar Marketplace From Scratch

Speaker: Brian Rothenberg

Key learnings: 

  • Brian shares what he learned through more than a decade building 4 marketplaces from $0 to $billions
  • The rapid changing of marketplaces
  • Marketplaces are powered by network effects at scale, where supply and demand follow one another, creating a winner-take-all situation. 
  • Why one marketplace can gain traction and achieve scale, and why others falter 
  • Build a winning marketplace

Watch: Bestselling Author Nir Eyal on Working Through Distractions With Super Focus

Speaker: Nir Eyal

Key learnings: 

  • While we’re more connected than ever before, there are surprising burdens that technologies place on employee productivity and happiness. 
  • Learn to control technology and make sure technology doesn’t control you
  • Nir shares actionable advice and case studies for how successful companies manage technologies to increase customer satisfaction, team output, and employee retention.
  • He shares the secret of operating with “super-focus.”

Watch: Lyft CMO on Everyday Disruption

Speaker: Kira Wampler

Key learnings: 

  • How to go about disrupting daily habits that haven’t changed in decades, such as driving places, finding a home, and balancing the books
  • Kira reveals her approach and secrets to successfully disrupting tough categories from transportation to real estate and personal finance. 
  • She shares real-life examples from companies she helped grow into market leaders such as Lyft, Trulia, Intuit, and Lytro.

Watch: TechCrunch Former Product Lead on Legacy Products

Speaker: Nicole Wilke

Key learnings: 

  • Learn how to manage legacy products 
  • Work with members of your team who are used to “the way things have always been”
  • Connect with customers who who are used to “the way things have always been”
  • The advantages of working on legacy products and review strategies that can drive them forward without having an existential crisis

Watch: Udemy CPO on Disrupting Knowledge

Speaker: Rob Wong

Key learnings: 

  • Rob shares his approach to democratize knowledge, disrupt education, and help people fulfill their dreams
  • Providing cutting edge education 
  • Best practices to build an on-demand marketplace for knowledge

Watch: Virta Health Founder on Product North Star

Speaker: Sami Inkinen

Key learnings: 

  • When setting out to define your product north star, there’s more to it than the revenue opportunity
  • Sami explains great companies are guided with purpose and a commitment to make the world a better place
  • The 5 principles that can disrupt healthcare and end diabetes

Watch: Oscar Health Product Lead on Priorities and Understanding Users

Speaker: Neha Kumar

Key learnings: 

  • Prioritize features for specific users and build a comprehensive suite of solutions 
  • Learn to break down and address the key needs of your users 
  • Successfully build products that empower positive user experiences

Watch: Oculus Head of Product Design Engineering on How to Turbocharge Product Development

Speaker: Caitlin Kalinowski

Key learnings: 

  • Master the art of prototyping by learning six core principles
  • Examples of how these principles can help you to turbocharge your product’s development
  • Focus your team on the right things at the right time
  • Caitlin shares management secrets that pair best with each stage of development. These secrets help iteration to keep your product on the right track

Watch: Floodgate Founder on Building For Growth Products

Speaker: Mike Maples

Key learnings: 

  • How entrepreneurs turn big ideas into sustained success
  • The steps should you take to stay focused on the ultimate prize 
  • Make decisions for greatness. 
  • Mike shares his learnings from successes and failures in some of the most important digital businesses that have emerged in recent history
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