Are you experiencing these challenges when trying to reach the product audience at scale?

  • Our sales cycle requires quality exposure to the top Product Leaders at our target prospects
  • Product Managers (PMs) are notoriously skeptical of vendor claims and self-promotion
  • It’s challenging to deliver deep engagement with PMs through our own marketing programs
  • I’ve used agencies to execute white-glove campaigns targeted at PMs but they were too expensive so the ROI wasn’t there
  • PMs rely on trusted sources like professional associations for services related to the product organization
  • Most PM associations are local and cannot deliver the reach & frequency I need to run efficient campaigns
  • I have yet to find a scalable mix of top and bottom of funnel strategies to reach PMs cost-effectively
  • My leadership is losing faith in my ability to deliver a viable plan to reach PMs at scale and I sometimes worry about my job

Engage Meaningfully with >300,000 PMs Through a Trusted Source

Generate > 10X ROI

Turn your Marketing spend into revenue by a deep engagement with a highly qualified product management audience

Reach Quality Leads

Get your product and brand in front of hundreds of thousands of product managers at in-person events and across digital channels

Raise Product Awareness

Expand your reach and brand profile at scale with a mix of programs that connect you with a qualified audience of 300K+ product professionals

The first and most influential Product Acceleration Platform in the world.

Thousands attend our 100+ events a year. C/VP-level product executives such as Netflix Product VP, Coinbase CPO, and Box CPO share their best practices on what it takes to build great products.

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Top-to-Bottom of Funnel Programs to Engage Product Managers

Newsletter Ads

Raise the awareness of your brand and product via banner or video ads delivered at the bottom of our weekly newsletter that reaches 30K+ product managers

Podcast Ads

Deliver your unique message via a 20-30 second pre-roll at the start of each Product Talk episode to a 100K+ product audience with social advertising to extend reach

Product Award Video Ads

Raise brand awareness with your company logo included in every video and social post related to our annual Product Awards

Executive Product Salon

Intimate, invitation-only networking with C/VP-level product execs via in-person and virtual salons

Executive Blog Series

Deliver product thought leadership via a blog post hosted on our website that reaches 50K+ product managers

Product Webinars

Deliver your brand message directly to an audience of product managers with a sponsorship ad at the beginning, during, and the end of our weekly webinars

What marketing leaders are saying about the results delivered from their marketing spend with Products That Count

How to Convert a Qualified Product Audience into Revenue

Contact Us

Submit the contact form below and we will schedule a kickoff meeting to review your marketing objectives and finalize contract terms


Collaborate with our experts to design a marketing plan that delivers on your objectives using our online and offline channels

Execute & Iterate

Receive leads from the offline and online marketing programs that we execute to deliver your message to a qualified product audience

Stop losing sleep over ineffective marketing campaigns and engage with an audience that is primed to listen

Marketing leaders who need to drive brand affinity and demand generation with product managers, an audience notoriously skeptical of vendor claims, often lack time, resources, and support to break through the siloes of an enterprise. Internal politics can make it hard to reach the decision-maker, and product managers can be an advocate for your product within their enterprise.

Products That Count leverages our global audience of >300,000 product managers to run narrowly targeted integrated campaigns at scale that result in deep engagement and proven ROI for leading brands like Amplitude and Gainsight.

Marketing leaders who entrust us with their marketing dollars engage product managers effectively and elevate their profile internally with sales and top leadership.

At Products That Count, we know you want to be the one that delivers qualified leads to the sales team at the lowest cost. In order to do that, you need proven marketing programs that reach a highly qualified product audience and deliver ROI. The problem is [marketers may be selling to the wrong people in CMOs, CIOs or CTOs and are missing out on reaching the product team, which makes you feel exhausted and like you’ve constantly got something to prove. We believe in helping marketers better communicate with product leaders by driving the conversation around what makes a great product and sharing the products with PMs that will give them superpowers. We understand that a happy and successful marketing team is essential to a thriving product team which is why we have created programs for marketers to deliver their product message directly to the product audience from a trusted source.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Contact Us: submit the contact form and we will schedule a meeting to review your objectives, identify the right mix of marketing programs, and finalize the agreement.
  2. Plan: we will work collaboratively with you to design a marketing plan that will deliver on your objectives.
  3. Execute & Iterate: we will execute offline and online marketing programs that enable your message to reach a highly qualified product audience.

So, stop losing sleep over ineffective marketing campaigns. And in the meantime, schedule a call to discuss a customized marketing plan for your business. So you can stop missing your target and instead hit the marketing bullseye with an audience that is primed to listen.

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