This year has been another one for the history books. In our 2021 Product Talk year in review, we handpicked an episode for each season led by some of our hosts: Transfix’s Patrick Blute, Universal Electronics’ Nikki Ahmadi, and our founder SC Moatti. Relive insights from leaders at Ramp, Dolby, and Cox Communications, as well as Silicon Valley icon Geoff Moore. Listen to their insights into industry trends and product.

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Ramp Product Head on Building FinTech in the Age of Product 

In episode 144, we welcome to the mic Ramp Head of Product Geoff Charles. Pulling from an extensive career that spans startups, consulting, and product management, he shares with listeners insights on building fintech in the Age of Product.

“First, Fintech is absolutely booming in so many different ways. And a lot of it has to do with the fact that people love tech, but they also love money. When you bring these together, people get excited. There is also the motion of API-driven products. Essentially services that are spinning up that are thinking about the end-to-end financial stack. And thinking about what are the different pieces that actually fit into this. And how do I create a business out of all these things?”

Listen to the full episode here.

Dolby Sr. Director on Building Product from Startup to Acquisition

In episode 150, we mark this milestone with a leader who is no stranger to building successful products, be they in a startup or in the post-acquisition stage. Taking the mic, Dolby Sr. Director of Cloud Communications and former Founder and CEO of Voxeet, Stephane Giraudie, shares insights on the reality of being a product entrepreneur and how to approach building product at scale post-acquisition.

“It was the realization about the technology that we have developed, that every app developer around the world could benefit from it. This kind of led us to the realization that we had to pivot our strategy and to become more like an enabler by providing API so that developers could embed this technology inside their own apps. That kind of led the way into some of the successes we had afterwards.”

Listen to the full episode here.

Crossing the Chasm Author Geoffrey Moore on Organizing to Compete 

In episode 160, we kicked off our summer series with Silicon Valley icon Geoff Moore, who shares insights from Salesforce, Microsoft, and more from his book, Zone to Win: Organizing to Compete in an Age of Disruption. Are you looking to cross the chasm, catch the next wave, or keep the next wave from catching you?

“All of a sudden, what’s happening is in the most traditional companies you’ve seen, these are not tech companies at all, people are going, wow, the design rules for the world have changed. It’s a digital world, it’s a digital-first world. We need to rethink everything.”

Listen to the full episode here.

Cox Communications Product Lead on Moving Success from B2C to B2B 

In episode 179, Cox Communications Product Lead Kelly Hoople shares how her path led her to a product leader role, and what it takes to be successful when moving a business from B2C to B2B.

“It really can take you back to the beginning to a time when you were figuring out how was this business going to run, and you’re talking to your customers and building something that works for them. Now you have to look to an expanded customer base. Within that, you have to assess, can we still be competitive? I don’t think we talked that much about how we move from the time of freedom and support to a time where you have to become profitable. That does eventually happen.”
Listen to the full episode here.

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