Meta Product Leader on How Product Leadership at Scale

The role of product manager is not necessarily one-size-fits-all. Within each company, from small start-ups to very large corporations,

Shopify VP of Product on the Power of Pivoting

When product managers think about setting goals within product teams, we can shy away from accepting if we have set the bar too high, for

SignalWire Founder and CEO on Transforming Telecommunications for the Next Generation

Product leaders are category creators and world changers. For example, the world of telecommunications used to require a lot of physical

Dow Jones Product VP on Experimentation, Subscription, and Personalization

Experimentation can be developed as a powerful storytelling and product tool. Through experimentation, a product manager can make

Top 4 Product Episodes from the 4 Seasons

This year has been another one for the history books. In our 2021 Product Talk year in review, we handpicked an episode for each season

BetterLesson SVP on Building Quality Edtech Products

Some product leaders enter this career because they want to be involved with product directly, while others jump in by happenstance. In

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PepsiCo Product Lead on Building Platform Products That Scale

There are many different products and thousands of ways to build these products. In a technology-first environment, a platform is part of

LinkedIn Product Lead on Challenges to Online Trust and Safety

We are online all day, every day, for all aspects of our lives and business. We want a space that is safe and trustworthy to share

Blue Cedar CEO on How to Build High-Quality, Secure Mobile Apps

We all use mobile apps, all day, every day. As consumers, we only see them right as an end product and don’t have any insight into all

Award Advisory Board Product Leader on Empowering the Whole Human Category at the 2022 Product Awards

This is the final episode in our five-part series introducing the categories for the Products That Count 2022 Product Awards. These

Cox Communications Product Lead on Moving Success from B2C to B2B

When a business wants to innovate and capture a different market segment, that might involve some big changes. For some, this also might

Fmr Transformco Product Director on the Responsive Product Accountability Category at 2022 Product Awards

Welcome to the fourth in a five-part series introducing the categories for the Products That Count 2022 Product Awards. These episodes

Products That Count Founder on The Product Awards

Updated 11/11/2021 We recently kicked off the 2022 Product Awards, and we can't wait to celebrate with you! The event is happening March

Getsafe Product VP on Insurance Tech Product Development

Most of us need some type of insurance at different points in our lives, and often more than one type of policy. The paperwork can be Senior International Product Lead on Level Up Scale & Complexity Category at 2022 Product Awards

This is the third in a five-part series introducing the categories for the Products That Count 2022 Product Awards. These episodes

Procore Product Lead on Demystifying Artificial Intelligence

Self-driving cars, replicators from Star Trek, or even Rosey from The Jetsons: It is an exciting time to be in the field of artificial

Transfix Product Marketing Lead on Delightful User Journey Category at 2022 Product Awards

This is the second in a five-part series introducing the categories for the Products That Count 2022 Product Awards. These episodes

Sorcero CEO on Data Analytics For Cognitive Solutions in Life Sciences

The most critical decisions in the world are driven by people’s understanding of unstructured content. It all comes down to the

Ambient Photonics CEO on B2B Product Management

When developing a B2B product, product managers have to think a bit differently than other PMs. From ideation to client interaction to

Google Product Lead on Informed Go-To-Market Strategy at 2022 Product Awards

This is the first in a five-part series introducing the categories for the 2022 Products That Count Product Awards. These episodes

VP of Product at Disney Streaming on Inclusivity and Storytelling

We are taught to experience life, not just live in it, and this can be true for product management. PMs need different lenses to solve

Fmr IBM VP & Partner On Visionary Product Thinking

Product managers and leaders come to the world of product from many different backgrounds. This gives each individual product person a

Amazon Care Head of UX Design and Research On Building with Purpose

There are as many ways to build a business as there are people who build them. Some are motivated solely by profit, some by challenge,

Fmr LEGO Education Head of Product On Focusing On Play Within Your Product

It’s all too easy to get serious about work. We have meetings, deadlines,  goals, profits, and more to consider. How can we maintain

GameOn Founder and CEO On Merging the Worlds of Content and Chat Platforms

Users tend to be less concerned with what companies are meeting their needs, as long as those needs are met. Companies see users jump to

Scaling A Global Business Quickly with MURAL Co-Founder and CPO

Scaling a global business in the age of remote work demands a specific approach for it to be successful. Remote work is here to stay,

Summer Series – Highlights: Making Impactful Products

Our Summer Series of podcasts is designed to introduce you to some of our most popular content and superstar PM professionals from the

Summer Series – Highlights: Building Smarter Artificial Intelligence

Our Summer Series of podcasts is designed to introduce you to some of our most popular content and superstar PM professionals from the

Summer Series – Product Lifecycle Highlights

Our Summer Series of podcasts is designed to introduce you to some of our most popular content and superstar PM professionals from the

5 Product Gurus Give Their Perspectives on Product Management

Our Summer Series of podcasts is designed to introduce you to some of our most popular content and superstar product gurus from the last

Crossing the Chasm Author Geoffrey Moore on Organizing to Compete

Most companies struggle trying to balance the conflicting demands of sustaining an existing business and taking on a disruptive

The North Face Global CMO & VP of Product Creation On Developing Products with A Purpose

Continued innovation is as crucial as ever. Brands with a long history of success are not guaranteed to continue that success through

Highlights from A Path to the C-suite

If you’re looking to make your way from PM to Chief Product Officer, check out this conversation with one of the first CPOs. Renee

Building Award-Worthy Products: Highlights from The Winners Circle of the 2021 Product Awards

The 2021 Product Awards brought together the best in digital products, highlighting the market leaders that are taking the product world

Miracle Messages Founder & CEO on Building Products For Impact

If there's one thing all of humanity learned in the past 12 months, it's the importance of human connections and the impact of the loss

Doist Sr. Product Marketing Manager on Aligning Product Marketing & Product Management

The market for apps is probably as hot as it will ever be and companies need every opportunity to build a competitive advantage. Of course,

Stanford Professor of Organizational Behavior on Strategy Mapping

The process of building strategy is fraught with challenges; translating that strategy across the full organization is even more difficult.

Google fmr GM & Products That Count CPO on Leading Product in Transitioning Market Dynamics

If there is any year that embodies the thrill of working in tech, it's this one. Covid pivots notwithstanding, product-led culture is

Ellevest CPO on Designing Product for Long-Term Partnerships

“How do we help women be more successful when it comes to money?” That was the question that Ellevest CPO Alexandria Stried set out to

Dolby Sr. Director on Building Product from Startup to Acquisition

This week on Product Talk, our host Universal Electronics Product Director Nikki Ahmadi marks our 150th episode with a leader who is no

Bit Discovery CEO on Innovation and Designing Secure Products

Every single day new content, products, and assets are added to the internet, infusing the digital space with evermore value. From the

HomeX Product Lead on Neurodiversity in Tech

This week’s guest on Product Talk is HomeX Product Lead, Marton Gaspar, an expert in chatbots and AI with a background in psychology who

Accern CEO & Co-Founder on No-Code AI Platforms and Simplicity in Data Science

Ever since the dawning of the Age of Tech, companies have been seeking solutions that make sophisticated technology accessible to all. The

Big Health CPO on Digital Health and Behavioral Therapy Product Models

If you caught our newsletter today, we took a moment to highlight an ongoing series by our host, Capsule Product Director Samantha Scott,

Cisco SVP on Well-Being, Productivity, and Opportunity in the Remote Office

This week on Product Talk we hand the hosting chair over to our very own Founder, and Managing Partner of Mighty Capital, SC Moatti. Her

Ramp Product Head on Building FinTech in the Age of Product

As our host, Patrick Blute, succinctly puts it in his opener, “we love products for people who are building products”. This week on

Biden Campaign Fmr Sr. PM on the 2021 Inauguration as a Digital-First Experience

What happens when a once in four years live mega-event meets a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic? Ask Andrew Yu, former Senior Product Manager

Indicative CEO on Building Product from a Data-Driven Perspective

This week on Product Talk, it’s all about data. We welcome to the mic Indicative CEO, Jeremy Levy, for a fantastic discussion with our

Safetrust CEO on How to Pivot Product Market Fit

There's no doubt that strategy has been at the forefront of the minds of product leaders in the past year. When the pandemic hit, many

Accenture Fmr Strategist and Stanford Advisor on Competitive Product Strategy

On this week's Product Talk, host Nikki Ahmadi sits down with one of the top Strategists to ever walk the halls of tech. With a career

Spring Health Head of Product on Product for Mental Healthcare

Healthcare is living at the forefront of many people's minds in the last year, for obvious reasons. However, even before the pandemic

Cassiopeia CEO on Managing Distributed Teams

This week's Product Talk addresses a topic every single company in the world had to reckon with in 2020; working in distributed teams. With

JourneyApps CPO on Product Management for Developer Platforms

One PM’s product can look drastically different from another. That’s one reason why we have a passion for product management; the scope

The Shubert Organization Digital Product Director on Broadway Tech

Happy New Year and welcome to another year of product conversations with industry leaders on our podcast, Product Talk. We start this month

AI Beyond the Hype: Download the eBook

Products That Count lives by the code of driving product conversations within digital technology. One of the mediums we do this by is our

The Best of Product Talk 2020

With the new year right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to reflect back on an interesting and at times tumultuous year.

Hubspot Product Director on the Nuances of Product Ownership

When working in a team setting, communal recognition of the decision-making hierarchy goes a long way to achieving a successful lifecycle.

Canela Media CEO on How to Scale Product Globally

Scaling product for the global market doesn’t come easy. False assumptions of cross-market needs and flubbed product adaptations have

Airbnb Former Chief Ethics Officer on Integrity in Tech

The internet leveled the playing field in many ways. Consumers and employees alike now have a larger voice, leading companies to be

GoodRX Sr. Product VP on the Role of Head of Product

Introduction Product Talk is a podcast series produced by Products That Count that drives product conversation through elevated discussions

Universal Electronics Product Director on the Superpowers of the Conceive Stage

In the latest episode of our Age of Product series for Product Talk, Microsoft fmr Product Lead and Products That Count CPO James Gray sits

Transfix Product Marketing Lead on the Superpowers of Building Product

Wrapping up our Age of Product Podcast Series, Microsoft fmr Product Lead and Products That Count CPO James Gray sits down with Transfix

Prezi Product Director on the Superpowers of Design

Continuing the Age of Product Series, Products That Count CPO and former Microsoft Product Lead James Gray sat down with members of the

Tatari Sr. Product Lead on the Superpowers of Operation

In this Age of Product series, Microsoft former Product Lead and Products That Count CPO James Gray sat down with Bryce York, Tatari Sr.

IBM fmr Product Lead on the Superpowers of Collaboration

In this Age of Product series, Microsoft former Product Lead and Products That Count CPO James Gray sat down with Nita Maheswaren, IBM

Verizon Board Director talks Taking Risks

We recently sat down with Verizon Board Director and Silicon Valley pioneer, Shellye Archambeau, to discuss her upcoming book,

Sandboxx CPO on Product Growth

We recently sat down with Sandboxx CPO, Craig Zingerline, to discuss how we can successfully grow our products and user base. It’s a

Vouch CPO on Building Fintech Products

nate Product Marketing Lead Patrick Blute with Vouch CPO Rajat Konkovi We recently sat down with Vouch CPO, Rajat Kongovi, to discuss the

AIKON Bitcoin Founder & CEO on Products and Empathy

We recently sat down with AIKON Bitcoin Founder & CEO, Marc Blinder, to discuss empathy and how it plays into product management. After

Ro Product Head on How Telemedicine Advances Healthcare

Introduction "We have a very ambitious vision at row two become a patient's first call and a provider's first choice. And it really comes

Ambient Strategy CEO on Product Positioning

“So in my mind, positioning defines how your product is the best in the world at providing some value that a well-defined set of

Quibi Fmr Head of Product on How Content Meets Product

“I think the nice thing about science and frameworks they allow you to adopt to new circumstances pretty quickly. Which include a

Sam’s Club VP Product Management on Adaptable Retail Products

Established in 1983, Sam's Club is no stranger to changing environments and creating adaptable products. The retail warehouse survived the

Miro Head of Self Serve Business & Growth on Adapting to a Virtual Workspace

We recently sat down with Miro Head of Self Serve Business & Growth, Yuliya Malysh, to discuss adapting to a virtual workspace. During

JourneyApps Founder & CEO on Building Mobile Products

We recently sat down with JourneyApps Founder and CEO, Conrad Hofmeyr, to discuss simplifying the process of building mobile apps. Along

Orchard Product Head on Building Real Estate Products

We recently sat down with Orchard Head of Consumer Product, Rahil Esmail, to discuss building real estate products. It’s an awesome

Customer Discovery with fmr Calendly VP of Product

We recently sat down with fmr Calendly VP of Product, Oji Udezue, to discuss customer discovery as well as what it means to be a BIPOC in

fmr Tinder CPO on AI Products

We recently sat down with fmr Tinder CPO, Ravi Mehta, to discuss personalization in product with artificial intelligence (AI). Not only did

Auth0 fmr SVP Marketing & Growth on Product Marketing

We recently sat down with Auth0 fmr SVP of Marketing & Growth, Martin Gontovnikas, to discuss all things product marketing. It’s a

Skylar Founder & CEO on Startup Products

We recently sat down with Skylar Founder & CEO, Cat Chen, to discuss scaling a product-focused startup and the factors of a great

The Nudge CEO on Personalization vs. Community Products

We recently sat down with The Nudge Co-Founder & CEO, John Peterson, to discuss building a product for personalization and realizing

Blue Apron fmr Product Head on Scaling a Product Organization

We recently sat down with NextView Ventures Partner & fmr Blue Apron Product Head, Melody Koh, to discuss scaling a product

SoFi VP of Products & Data on Building Winning Products

We recently sat down with SoFi VP of Products & Data, Amir Hermelin, to discuss his own experience building winning products and

Samsung NEXT Head of Product Enablement on Distributed Product Teams

We recently sat down with Samsung NEXT Head of Product Enablement, Danny Carvajal, to discuss distributed product teams in a global

Advanced Intelligent Systems CEO on AI Products as a Service

We recently sat down with Advanced Intelligent Systems CEO, Afshin Doust, to discuss viewing the AI products we build as a service.

Cedar Co-Founder on Building Industry-Disrupting Healthcare Products

We recently sat down with Cedar Co-Founder, Arel Lidow, to discuss what goes into building an industry-disrupting healthcare product.

Yelp Product Director on Building a Hospitality Product That Serves Businesses & Consumers

We recently sat down with Yelp Director of Product Management - Restaurants Marketplace, Guang Yang, to discuss building a hospitality

The Mental Health Impact of COVID-19 on PMs

We recently sat down with Psychotherapist Toni Brooks, to discuss the mental health impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on product managers

Butterfly Network Product VP on Democratizing Healthcare Products

We recently sat down with Butterfly Network VP of Product, Matthew de Jonge, to discuss the democratization of healthcare products and

Give Oxygen Co-Founder on Innovating Products for a Pandemic

We recently sat down with Give Oxygen Co-Founder, Chris Higgins, to discuss innovating products for a pandemic. In these times, certain

Oscar Health CPO on Building Healthcare Products

We recently sat down with Oscar Health CPO, Sara Wajnberg, to discuss what goes into building healthcare products. All great product

Awair Product Director on Building Hardware Products

We recently sat down with Awair Director of Product, Dean Young, to discuss the challenges that come with building hardware products.

Andreeson Horowitz General Partner on The Evolution of Product Management

We recently sat down with Andreessen Horowitz General Partner, Anish Acharya, to discuss how product management has evolved over time and

Gainsight CPO on Paving a Career in Product Management

We recently sat down with Gainsight CPO & EVP of Engineering, Karl Rumelhart, to discuss how he paved his way into a career in

Twitter fmr Product Lead on Navigating New Product Jobs & Challenges

We recently sat down with Twitter fmr Product Lead, Boris Logvinsky, to discuss navigating new product jobs and challenges. It’s a great

Asana fmr Product Lead on A Love of Product Culture

We recently sat down with Asana fmr Product Lead, Nick Fassler, to discuss product culture. It’s a total love letter to product

Microsoft Head of Central Product Management, Mixed Reality & Artificial Intelligence on Democratizing AI Products

We recently sat down with Microsoft Central Product Management, Mixed Reality & Artificial Intelligence Engineering, Nate Yohannes,

Breather fmr VP Experience on Building a Hospitality Product

We recently sat down with fmr Breather VP Experience, Packy McCormick, to discuss his experience working on hospitality products and using

Amazon fmr Product Lead on Interviewing for Product Management Jobs

We recently sat down with fmr Amazon Sr. Product Manager, and current Wyze Labs Director of Product, Mark Tan, to discuss his experience

Occasions Ltd Product Development VP on Developing Hit Products

We recently sat down with Occasions Ltd VP Product Development, Joe Pellettieri, to discuss his experience in retail and developing hit

CreditKarma fmr Product Director on How Product Leaders Inspire Confidence in Their Teams

We recently sat down with CreditKarma fmr Product Director, Jonathan Chao, to discuss how to be a great product leader that inspires

Managed by Q fmr CEO on The Importance of Customer-Focused Product Management

We recently sat down with Managed by Q fmr CEO, Ron Feldman, to discuss how he found his way into product and the importance of

Blue Sky Partners CEO on How Product Marketing and Product Management Can Work Together

We recently sat down with Blue Sky Partners Co-Founder & CEO, Nathan Ryan, to discuss the partnership and symbiotic nature of product

Heap CEO & Co-Founder on Product Management

We recently sat down with Heap Co-Founder & CEO, Matin Movassate, to discuss all things Heap, product management, and how data

3 Ways that Products Help Product Managers Operate

We recently sat down with COO and Head of Product of GameClub, Britt Myers, to discuss his role on the Product Awards Advisory Board. His

Bluedot Co-Founder on Creating A Geofencing Product (Part 3)

Looking to the future and customer behavior Instead of reacting in real-time to how a customer is behaving right now, I’m trying to

Product Management: The 4 Stages of Building

Introduction We recently sat down with Credit Karma Associate Director of Product Management, Christina Lucey, to discuss her role on the

Building Great Products With Christina Lucey of Credit Karma

Introduction Christina Lucey is in the guest’s seat after recently interviewing fellow Product Awards Advisory Board member and Product

Awards Advisory Board Member, Podcast Host on His roles, Inspirations of Being a Product Manager

Introduction Anthony Atlas is a member of the Awards Advisory Board and Head of Product at ClimateAI. He, along with the four other

Macmillan Sr. Product Director on Digital Innovation: Transforming Access to Educational Materials (Part 3)

What does being a great product manager mean? Neha Taleja, Fmr Sr. Director of Product at Macmillan, shares her thoughts below: 4 Tips For

Macmillan Sr. Product Director on Digital Innovation: Transforming Access to Educational Materials (Part 2)

Getting Involved in Product Development How did I get started in product development? I was formerly a journalist. Because of this, I

Fmr Rent The Runway Product Director on The 2020 Product Awards and Product Insights (Part 3)

Laura Burkhauser discusses her top tips for product managers. Laura is the director of consumer products for the popular online designer

Fmr Rent The Runway Product Director on The 2020 Product Awards and Product Insights (Part 2)

Laura Burkhauser joined us to discuss what goes into being a great product manager. Laura is the director of consumer products for the

Macmillan Sr. Product Director on Digital Innovation: Transforming Access to Educational Materials

Access to quality education is often based on socio-economics and where someone lives. Through her role as the senior director of product

Fmr Rent The Runway Product Director on The 2020 Product Awards and Product Insights

Laura Burkhauser is the director of consumer products for the popular online designer dress and accessory rental company, Rent the Runway

Creating People Focused Tech Products: What Makes A Good Product And Product Manager

A Great Product Uses Data! A great product loves data. You want a product that you love creating and that someone else loves using. Even if

Creating People Focused Tech Products: Listen For A Dialogue

One of my partner's product partners has this nice quote that I love, which is that our products are our dialogue with our users.

Mozilla Chief R&D Officer on Creating People Focused Tech Products

Creating People Focused Tech Products: Future of The Internet and Open Source Philosophy When it comes to the future of the internet, I

Bluedot Co-Founder on Creating a Geofencing Product (Part 2)

A key to our success is letting user behavior drive the technology and then design around that framework. It’s essential to think through

Bluedot Co-Founder on Creating A Geofencing Product

Creating a Geofencing Product: Fixing GPS Battery and Accuracy Problems Bluedot is a company that specializes in geofencing and

Resy Fmr Product Lead on Building Hospitality Products (Part 3): New Opportunities

The 10x Opportunities I find myself looking for ways to grow our business through 10x opportunities. These type of opportunities will not

Resy Fmr Product Lead on Building Hospitality Products (Part 2): General Principles

General Principles of Hospitality For product leaders out there, there are some general principles of hospitality that greatly help

AI & ML Product Design, Development, and Adoption (Part 3)

Lesson #1: A Design Principle There is a relatively famous design principle that says users will use something that looks and feels

Resy Fmr Product Lead on Building Hospitality Products

The world of hospitality can be thankless at times. With customers coming from all aspects of life, it can be tough to make everyone

AI & ML Product Design, Development, and Adoption (Part 2)

The Problem Solving Path As a good product manager, you first want to formulate a question. This question needs to address what you're

Juniper Networks Head of Product on AI & ML Product Design, Development, and Adoption

Surbhi Kaul is a bit of an inspirational enigma. Growing up in an environment with minimal exposure to computers, gadgets, and other

Bioengineering Products, Part 3: Systems and Sprints for Success

Product management at Ginkgo manages fairly complex projects across many stakeholders, and to do this well you need product managers who

Bioengineering Products, Part 2: Environmental Challenges in Product Management

I think product management at a synthetic biology company like Ginko is different from the average software company. The biggest

Ginkgo Bioworks Head of Product on Bioengineering Products

Science was always part of my life and upbringing. My love for biology and bioengineering in particular started during my time at

Vectors Behind Winning Products, Part 3: Defining Vectors of Success

Looking back, Quibb relied on influencers creating content which is time-consuming. We tried to avoid this obstacle by allowing

Vectors Behind Winning Products, Part 2: Product Truths and Quibb Lessons

There are a lot of things that are preached as "truths" when working at a startup. However, they're not actually true once you take the

Quibb Founder on The Vectors Behind Winning Products – Environmental Science to Product

I'm originally from Canada and I've been in the Bay Area for about eight years. Currently, I am a founder of a startup that I've been

Bestselling Author, Nir Eyal, on Managing Workplace Distractions

Focus Techniques: Behavioral Design and Indistractable (Part 1) An Introduction To Behavioral Design I published my first book, "Hooked"

Future Development for AI/ML Solutions

Credit Suisse Labs CEO on Using AI/ML to Build Smarter Products (Part 3) Typically, I struggle to teach basic literacy about AI/ML

Use Cases For AI/ML In Society

There are plenty of tasks out there for AI/ML to manage. For example, these solutions can enhance everything from cognitive and assistive

Credit Suisse Labs CEO on Using AI/ML to Build Smarter Products

Building Smarter Products With AI/ML When talking about artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), it is best to start with a

Modern Fertility CEO on Building Scientific Products

Introduction Scientific Products: Balancing The Real World & The Digital World I’ve loved science as early as I can remember. One of

CognitiveScale Product VP on The Maturation of AI Tech

Introduction AI Tech: Augmented Intelligence I’ve been working in AI tech for about 10 years. As the former head of the IBM Watson

Capital One Managing Product VP on Building Smarter AI Products

Introduction AI Products: Artificial Intelligence vs. General Intelligence At Capital One, I set technology strategy for Eno (our banking

Authentic Design Founder on Building With Design Swarms

Introduction Design Swarms Methodology The foundation for design swarms focuses on the human spirit. Simply put, this approach assumes that Founder on The Facts (and Myths) of AI

AI: Discovery, Definition, Debunking It's safe to say that we're all aware of the impact that artificial intelligence (AI) is having on

Product Guru Bruce Cleveland on Bridging The Traction Gap

Introduction Traction Gap: Patterns That Drive Success For Startups As is the case with any set of guiding principles, the framework that

Disney Product Lead on The Future of Digital Products

Introduction   Digital Products: The Evolution of Entertainment For most of my career in product, I've worked on digital products for

HYP3R CEO on Scaling Customer Delight

Introduction The Power of Authentic Customer Delight At every product organization, I believe the core mission for every team is to

GetUpside CEO on The Business of Product Management

Introduction Product Management: The Buck Stops With You At its core, I think about product management from the "Google School" of

Pivotal Labs fmr Product Lead on Increasing Diversity in Product

Introduction Product Diversity: It Starts With Education When I think about diversity, it's important to recognize that it goes beyond

Instagram Product Lead on Product Lifecycle Impact

Introduction Product Lifecycle: Small Changes = Big Impact Generally, your impact on the product lifecycle involves big changes or

SpotHero Product Lead on Simplifying Product Management

Introduction Product Management: Rules of The Kitchen I'm sure that you've heard a lot of interesting stories about getting started in

Google Product Lead on Data Products

Introduction Before big data was a known term, Dacheng Zhao has pioneered innovative data products that make an impact at scale. There

Venmo Product Lead on Building Your Product Career

Introduction From writing about tech to pioneering e-commerce innovation at Venmo, it's no surprise that Ashley Phillips has quite the

BioDigital CPO on Product Management Evolution

Introduction From defining product functions at startups to reimagining how people understand the human body, Vivian Chang is a product

Hinge CPO on Becoming A Product Manager

Introduction Tim MacGougan's product career has taken him from customer service at Bonobos to running the product team at Hinge. Every

Ovia Co-Founder on Customer Empathy

Introduction Gina Nebesar is a career product innovator - from developing a women's health app used by millions to a whole new take on

Acorns Product Director on Becoming A Product Leader

Introduction From the early days of Twitter going public to revolutionizing wealth management, Paige Conrad has experience working at

StudioRed Founder on Product Design

Introduction Philip Bourgeois, Founder of StudioRed, discusses his 30+ years of experience in product design - beginning with a lesson he

mParticle Founder on Product Design

Introduction Michael Katz, co-founder of mParticle, talks about building products and teams that are focused on delivering value for

Nyotron Product Lead on Cybersecurity

Introduction Rene Kolga, Product Lead at Nyotron, is a cybersecurity guru and has 20+ years of experience as a product manager in this

Wevr VR Product Manager on Virtual Reality

Introduction Sami Ramly is the Product Lead for the virtual reality management team at Wevr. Sami’s team at Wevr has produced many

HR Leader on People Management

Introduction Patty McCord, HR business leader and author of the Netflix Culture Book, is an expert in building strong leadership through

Box CPO on Impact at Best Scale

Introduction Jeetu Patel, Chief Product Officer at Box, talks about making an impact at best scale through product development. With more

Economics Expert on Product Market

Introduction Marina Krakovsky, an economics expert and business journalist, shares her insights on the role that the"middleman" has

SurveyMonkey fmr President & CTO on Making a Difference with Tech

Introduction   About the Podcast - Making A Difference: How is technology making a difference in your life today? On today’s episode,

Product Expert David Fradin on Product Manager Skills

Introduction With more than 40 years in product management, David Fradin is among the most accomplished and celebrated product experts in

Game-thinking Guru Amy Jo Kim on Accelerating Early Product Design

Introduction Note: This podcast has some minor sound issues, our apologies for the audio inconvenience. About the Podcast: How can

Leadership Coach Dorie Clark on Personal Brand

Introduction Dorie Clark is an accomplished leadership coach and author of career coaching guides to help professionals develop their

Get Storied CEO on Product Marketing

Introduction The world is changing at an incredible pace. Our daily routine is being completely changed by new innovations that seem to

Product School CEO on What Makes a Great Product Manager

Introduction About the Podcast - What Makes A Great Product Manager: Founder and CEO of Product School, Carlos González de

Portigal Consulting Founder on User Experience

Introduction The art of listening is critical for product managers to understand user needs and create products that connect with the

WorkFusion Founder and CEO Max Yankelevich on Intelligent Automation

Introduction About the podcast: Intelligent automation. Founder and CEO at WorkFusion, Max Yankelevich, talks about his desire to build

Brilliant Director of Product on E-Commerce

Introduction Gaurav Hardikar is an e-commerce innovator focused on enhancing the online retail experience. While online retail continues

Slack Product Manager Jules Walter on Productivity

Introduction About the podcast: In this compelling conversation, Jules Walter discusses his role at Slack to drive user growth. He

Pandora Head of Product Mgmt Katherine Kornas on Personalization

Introduction About the podcast: In this interview, Katherine Kornas talks about Pandora's commitment to both culture and innovation. She

Perspective on Product Management by 5 Product Gurus

Introduction Join me for a review of product management insights from five leading product experts: Marty Cagan, Teresa Torres, Jeff

Former FBI High Stakes Negotiator Chris Voss on Negotiating as if your Life Depends on it

Introduction About the podcast: On this episode, former FBI High Stakes Negotiator Chris Voss shares the nine effective principles

Adobe/LeanPlum Marketing Exec Joyce Solano on Brand Positioning

Introduction About the podcast: Joyce Solano talks about her experience learning how to reinvent of Adobe from a software company to a

Hilton CMO Stuart Foster on How to Make Brands Stand Out

Introduction About the Podcast: Stuart Foster talks about the importance of simplicity in making your brand stand out in the marketplace.

Chief Product Officer at LiveRamp Anneka Gupta on Building Customer Relationships

Introduction About the podcast: In this podcast, Anneka talks about understanding the art and science of customer relationships,

Product Management Guru Jeff Gothelf on Skillset

Introduction From launching successful consultancies to crafting academic studies, Jeff Gothelf is an expert in understanding the

Thought Leader Sally Thornton on the future of work

Introduction About the guest: A recognized expert and thought leader on the future of work, Sally Thornton founded Forshay in 2011 to

Yelp Product Designer Clara Nam on iterating successful products

Introduction About the guest: Clara Nam has an extensive background in product design. She previously worked at Samsung as a visual

Serial entrepreneur Sachin Rekhi on mobile product trends

Introduction About the guest: Sachin Rekhi is a serial tech entrepreneur and product executive based in Silicon Valley. He was most

Singularity U Professor Nell Watson on why now is the right time for AI

Introduction About the guest: Nell Watson FRSA is an engineer and entrepreneur who grew up in Northern Ireland. In 2011 she founded

Code For America product lead Alan Williams on bringing government into the 21st century

Introduction About the podcast: Code for America product lead Alan Williams shares the great work he and his team are

Silicon Valley veteran Rich Mironov on moving up the career ladder

Introduction   About the Guest: Rich Mironov coaches product executives, product management teams and agile development organizations. 

Product Management Guru Marty Cagan on Making Impactful Products

Introduction How can products make a bigger impact through informed design? Are you putting the customer first when designing products?

Product Expert Teresa Torres on Product Design

Introduction Teresa Torres is a leading expert in product discovery, helping organizations identify new product opportunities that are

Monster fmr-exec Anne Dwane discusses the future of work

Introduction About the Guest: As a founder, venture-backed CEO, public company executive and now venture capitalist, Anne Dwane is

Leah Hunter on disruption by AR

Introduction About the Guest: Leah Hunter has spent her career exploring the intersection of technology, culture, and design. She writes

Big data expert Alistair Croll on the big picture on big data

Introduction   About the guest: Alistair is an entrepreneur with a background in web performance, analytics, cloud computing, and

ProdPad Head of Customer Success Andrea Saez on user on-boarding

Introduction About the guest: Andrea is Head of Customer Success at ProdPad, a SaaS web tool designed to help make the product managers'

Positioning expert Mark Levy on crafting a Big Sexy Idea

Introduction About the guest: Mark Levy is the founder of Levy Innovation LLC, a positioning and branding firm that consults with CEOs of

Ex-BBC journalist Marie Perruchet on creating a perfect pitch

Introduction About the guest: Marie Perruchet is the founder of One Perfect Pitch, a consulting firm based in San Francisco. One Perfect

Productivity Guru Pierre Khawand on 15-Minute Bursts

Introduction For more than 20 years, Pierre Khawand has been a leading voice in driving productivity for leading organizations. In

Gig economy guru Marshall Van Alstyne on why platforms beat products

Introduction About the guest:Professor Van Alstyne is a Professor at Boston University, a Digital Fellow at MIT and the co-author of

Bestselling author Dorie Clark on how to stand out

Introduction About the podcast: Bestselling author of Reinventing You, Dorie Clark shares advice and best practices on how to stand out,

Leadership guru Sydney Finkelstein on "Superbosses"

Leadership: Inspire Greatness In Others Through the years, I have studied the leadership habits of executives and top professionals. My

Product guru Dan Olsen on product management

Introduction About the podcast: Product guru and bestselling author Dan Olsen talks about what makes for great products, great

Yelp Product VP Eric Singley on What Makes Great Products

Introduction About the podcast: Yelp Product VP Eric Singley talks about growing products at Yelp in the early days and shares what he

Subscription expert Robbie Baxter on Brand Strategy

Introduction Robbie Baxter is a leading expert in sharing the benefits of today's membership economy. As Robbie explains, leading

On-demand economy expert Sangeet Paul Choudary on platforms and growth

Introduction About the podcast: on-demand economy and platform thinking guru Sangeet Paul Choudary talks about what makes a great

Growth Hacker Chris Neumann on Growth Hacking Trends

Introduction About the podcast: Growth hacker Chris Neumann shares growth hacking trends. Founder of conversion optimization firm

Product Design Guru Joe Robinson on New Trends

Introduction Joe Robinson is a design guru with years of experience in driving innovation at leading organizations in Silicon Valley.

Building AI Products for the Home

Introduction We recently sat down with Universal Electronics SVP Product & Technology, Arsham Hatambeiki, to discuss building AI

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