How can product teams manage remote communication? In this episode of Product Talk hosted by Deel Director of Product Barbara Bermes, Deel Product Lead Eugene Shulitskyi speaks on managing remote communication in 2024. They discuss best practices for communicating over Slack in a remote setting, such as using templates, naming conventions, and video recordings. Eugene shares examples of templates used for go-to-market announcements. The conversation also covers avoiding misunderstandings, common pitfalls of remote communication, and tools for streamlining productivity.

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Show Notes

  1. Product ops ensures teams have resources for effective product development processes.
  2. Automation can streamline mundane tasks and uncover new career opportunities.
  3. Templates provide structure and clarity for day-to-day communication.
  4. Naming conventions and channel organization aid navigation on Slack.
  5. Building relationships helps avoid misunderstandings in digital interactions.
  6. Lack of context can lead to confusion when responding to unexpected messages.
  7. Too much context or information can create a difficult-to-follow narrative.
  8. Meeting invites should include agenda/context to avoid wasted time.
  9. Video recordings save time while allowing flexibility in communication.
  10. Integrations require careful consideration of cost and data privacy.
  11. Native Slack features may cover most needs more affordably than integrations.
  12. Question submission workflows provide insights while streamlining requests.
  13. Communication will likely integrate more across mediums over time.
  14. Algorithms and avatars may answer questions directly within Slack.
  15. Great products solve deep customer problems.
  16. Ownership over product leads to stronger outcomes.
  17. Challenge ideas respectfully to improve product direction.
  18. Stay informed outside work through varied podcasts and books.
  19. Remote culture will continue evolving communication norms.
  20. Digital tools require ongoing refinement to maximize productivity.

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