How can companies leverage 5G technology to drive innovation in industrial settings? In this episode of Capgemini’s 2024 Leaders in Innovation miniseries with Capgemini EVP, Group Offer Leader for Connectivity/5G & Edge Fotis Karonis, Schneider Electric Innovation Project Manager Olivier Coutelou discusses how Schneider Electric is exploring 5G connectivity opportunities for industrial automation through their innovation methodology. He speaks on developing a continuous innovation approach using design thinking to identify promising 5G use cases like improving connectivity for integrated autonomous crane systems. The discussion highlights the benefits of 5G technology for industrial applications and the importance of collaboration between companies in enabling digital transformation.

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Show Notes

  1. 5G technology enables more reliable and secure connectivity for industrial applications.
  2. Design thinking is an effective methodology for continuous innovation.
  3. Identifying customer pain points is important for developing solutions.
  4. Proof of concept prototypes help validate concepts early.
  5. Collaboration between multiple stakeholders drives innovation.
  6. Integrating 5G into crane systems can improve control and monitoring.
  7. 5G reduces latency for real-time remote operations.
  8. Private 5G networks allow more systems to operate simultaneously.
  9. Wireless connectivity eliminates risks from cables.
  10. Studies assess technical feasibility, carbon footprint impact, and costs.
  11. Exploration projects involve multiple proof of concept tests.
  12. Incubation with customers validates solutions in real environments.
  13. Service-oriented approaches identify new use cases for clients.
  14. Automation, remote operations and asset tracking are promising uses.
  15. Industries like oil/gas and chemicals are primed for 5G applications.
  16. Geolocation features enable new indoor and outdoor tracking applications.
  17. Partnerships are key to advancing innovation in complex industries.
  18. Digital transformation requires evolving 5G technology and other technology.
  19. Methodical innovation approaches pave the way for future adoption.
  20. Collaboration prepares clients for their digital transformation roadmaps.

About the speaker
Olivier Coutelou Schneider Electric, Innovation Project Manager / Group Senior Expert Member

There are 3 pillars in my current Job at “Technology & Innovation”: apply \\\"Design Thinking\\\" method to push innovations, define innovations by crossing new wireless technologies with customer needs in the industrial domain and, as senior expert, contribute to technologic orientations of the group in the wireless domain. I graduated from CUST as electronic engineer in 1989. Then I started in the R&D department of a small company (100 peoples) which conceives industrial optoelectronic sensors and radio remote control for hoisting applications. In 2001, I moved in a start-up to explore Power Line Carrier technologies and new applications for PLC. In 2003, I joined the Innovation Corporate Department of Schneider Electric to promote wireless technologies and innovative applications within the company. Until end 2013 I developed products which mixed wireless and energy harvesting technologies. Since beginning 2014, I’m Group Senior Expert within Schneider Electric. I have filed 23 patents and I’m also able to make ideas become realities.

About the host
Fotis Karonis Capgemini, Executive Vice President, Group leader Connectivity/5G and Edge computing

Tech and business executive, CTIO, working with Teams and Companies to unlock new value with transformative digital technologies for achieving amazing business outcomes !

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