How can PMs build scalable product businesses? In this episode of Product Talk hosted by Sid Shaik, Hazelcast Fmr. CPO Manish Devgan shares lessons on scaling product businesses, including the importance of establishing a clear product vision and worldview. He discusses growth engines like technology advantages and insights into customer workloads. Manish also describes tactics such as establishing a product strategy board to gather customer feedback. Tune in for valuable perspectives on building scalable product businesses.

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Show Notes

  1. It’s important to empower teams through a shared understanding of the company’s mission and market outlook.
  2. Create a “worldview” document to establish a common foundation and inspire the product roadmap.
  3. Gather input from stakeholders across the organization to inform the worldview.
  4. Use technology advantages as a growth engine by delivering differentiated capabilities.
  5. Gain insights into customer workloads and use cases to prioritize product development.
  6. Unify product features based on customer needs for a consolidated platform experience.
  7. Establish a product strategy board to bring together customers and practitioners.
  8. Segment product strategy board participants by customer vertical for targeted feedback.
  9. Monitor key metrics like roadmap velocity and quarterly OKRs.
  10. Represent product management on weekly support calls to identify issues.
  11. Prioritize “big rocks” – major impact-driven tasks on the product leader’s dashboard.
  12. Revisit the investment thesis to sustain growth.
  13. Leverage network effects as businesses scale
  14. Deliver a positive user experience from the first interaction.
  15. Understand user value through in-app engagement and behavior insights.
  16. Experiment with a mix of product-led and traditional sales motions.
  17. Monitor customer support trends and tickets for product improvements.
  18. Maintain rituals and frameworks that drive success.
  19. Consider dynamic market changes when reprioritizing work.
  20. Draw inspiration from books on product operating models by authors such as Marty Cagan.

About the speaker
About the host
Sid Shaik Cloudera, Head of Product, Private Cloud Data Services

Sid is a seasoned Product Leader in the Data Platforms domain. At present, he runs Product at Cloudera for its fastest growing product line, Private Cloud Data Services. Prior to Cloudera, he co-founded a Silicon Valley startup-- Performance Sherpa; his company built performance engineering workflow automation for databases and middleware. Prior to those roles, he worked at Yahoo!, Qubole, Asterdata and Oracle in various Product and Engineering roles. As a Product Manager, Sid loves the creative process of discovering, defining and solving meaningful technology problems in large markets and enjoys scaling product businesses. In his down time, he enjoys taking his kids to soccer practice, he practices yoga, and advises startups.

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