How can product leaders build a product culture within their organization?In this episode of the Product Leaders to Watch series hosted by Cognizant Product Director Chenny Solaiyappan, Life Cycle Engineering Product Leader Tara Holwegner speaks on building a product culture. Tara discusses investing in people and developing future leaders. She expresses interest in learning about new industries and how products apply human-centered design and AI. Tara also highlights examples of using digital technologies for remote coaching and predictive maintenance in industrial operations. Tune in to the 400th episode of Product Talk to learn what makes great products, product managers, and a strong product culture within an organization!

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Show Notes

  1. Tara has 17 years of experience leading digital and traditional products.
  2. She emphasizes building a product culture and inspiring others within her organization.
  3. Investing in people and developing future leaders is critical for success.
  4. Human-centered design and AI applications in products are areas of interest.
  5. For workforce development, consider remote coaching and AR/VR.
  6. Predictive maintenance and analytics help prevent disruptions.
  7. Products should solve problems, delight users, and consider full lifecycles.
  8. Great products are both simple and elegant.
  9. Product managers must balance business needs with customer focus.
  10. Communication, collaboration, and leading through influence are important skills.
  11. Successful products require project management, technical skills, and understanding the product lifecycle.
  12. Advocating for teams and creating a valued product culture within an organization is key.
  13. Product leaders need determination, adaptability, grit.
  14. Digital technologies inspire innovation in manufacturing and industrial operations.
  15. Upskilling and rescaling efforts help prepare workforces for new technologies.
  16. Submissions from industrial/manufacturing sectors are welcomed.
  17. Expressions of human-centered design in submissions will be looked for.
  18. AI applications in products submitted will be of interest.
  19. Great products should make the world a little or a lot better.
  20. Product managers should trust in their leadership skills and impact.

About the speaker
Tara Holwegner CPM, CPTD, PMP, CMRP Life Cycle Engineering, Product and Intellectual Property Manager Member

Tara Holwegner is an award-winning product manager with a focus on developing and managing digital and traditional products and services that ensure excellent customer experience, meet revenue goals, and drive organizational performance. She also has a passion for business transformation and support organizations undergoing a change to increase adoption and proficiency. As a content generator Tara publishes in industry articles/blogs, produces videos, presents at conferences, and successful practices with professional communities

About the host
Chenny Solaiyappan Cognizant, Director, Product Management, Government Health programs

Chenny Solaiyappan is the Director of Product Management for Cognizant Trizetto's Government and Quality Solutions, and a founding member of the ClaimSphere suite of products, encompassing quality, HEDIS ®, CMS Stars, and clinical solutions. An accomplished Intrapreneur and Lean Startup Practitioner, he plays a pivotal role in shaping the overall product strategy and serves as the HL7 DaVinci Business Co-chair. With a notable track record, Chenny has provided consultancy to over 30 health plans across the nation, consistently raising Quality and Star ratings in Medicaid, Medicare, Federal Employees Health Plan, and Commercial health plan sectors, collectively supporting 30 million lives. His outstanding leadership and innovative contributions have earned him prestigious awards, including the 2023 Top 20 Global Product Manager Award by Products That Count, as well as the 2021 and 2019 Product of the Year awards by Cognizant Trizetto.

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