In this editorial, ZEFR Product Lead Bharat Manglani takes the holistic Platform Product Manager view to maximize the customer value proposition.

As a Platform Product Manager, you are not narrowly focused on any one product. Use the cross-product nature of the role to understand how each of the product lines works together to maximize the customer value proposition. Bring your unbiased, objective perspective to help steer the product strategy in the right direction.

Consider Your Holistic Value Proposition

While keeping the holistic product in mind, take stock of what is the holistic customer value proposition. For example, within the advertising technology industry, many technology vendors offer solutions that add value to their digital advertising portfolios either before or after the ad is served. Each solution would have its own value proposition to address customer needs. The before ad serving solution (pre-solution) could help to ensure customers are serving their ad to target audiences while ensuring the ad is actually in view on the consumer’s device. The after ad serving solution (post-solution) can then provide reporting on the viewability rate for each ad served.

Both solutions play an important role in helping customers increase their return on their digital investment. The first solution helps increase the likelihood that the ad will be in view for the target audience and therefore increase the chances the ad will have an impact. The second solution provides the final layer of verification to confirm whether or not the ad was actually in view. Although these offerings provide transactional value, they miss out on the opportunity to offer a holistic value proposition that provides 10x the impact.

With The Powers Of Your Products Combined

How might we add to the value proposition so that customers can make informed strategic decisions to meet their business objectives? By taking the holistic Platform Product Manager view, we could consider how these two product lines might work together to achieve this. The pre-solution could benefit from the learnings gained through the post-solution. Armed with insights from the latter on where the viewability rate is performing poorly, we can tweak the pre-solution to optimize campaign strategies. Perhaps certain publishers or devices tend to fare better. If so, we can run an experiment to verify and improve future strategies accordingly.

The Way Forward

As the Platform Product Manager, you play a pivotal role in bringing the holistic value proposition to fruition. Your understanding and network across product lines will help bridge potential product cohesion gaps. In the previous example, what insights can you glean from the post-solution transaction reporting? What experiments can be run to validate hypotheses gleaned from this analysis? Then, as the theories become validated, how can these optimizations be built into the holistic product offering? You will play a key role in digging into these problem sets, ideating upon solutions, and rolling out the holistic product to customers. Enjoy the journey and celebrate the impact upon completion!

About the speaker
Bharat Manglani ZEFR, Senior Product Manager Contributor

Bharat Manglani is a Product Manager at ZEFR, which focuses on powering the age of responsible marketing. He started his career with 10 years as a technology strategy consultant and then pivoted into the technology sector to pursue his passion for managing the end-to-end product lifecycle. In his prior role at HUMAN (formerly White Ops), he managed the customer facing portal which empowers users to mitigate sophisticated fraud across their advertising, marketing and application ecosystems.

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