Take A Product Portfolio View For Maximum Value Proposition

In this editorial, ZEFR Product Lead Bharat Manglani takes the holistic Platform Product Manager view to maximize the customer value proposition.

Behind China’s Crackdown on Tech

In this editorial, Vimeo Director of Product Emma Cai examines China’s recent crackdown on tech giants like Alibaba and Didi.

Succeeding in a Platform PM Role: Embrace Your Connectedness

As a Platform Product Manager, you have a unique opportunity to work at the intersection of multiple product line paths. Key questions in this article will help you to draw your organization’s holistic product health picture and discover strengths and weaknesses.

What Can TikTok Learn From Douyin?

Editorial contributor Emma Cai on what TikTok can learn from its competitors to become a better product for the creator economy.

Schedule Yourself for Success: Tips for the Modern PM

In this article, product leader Felipe Gasparino gives tips for PMs who want to schedule themselves for success using good time management.

CPO Rising: A seat in the C-suite

There is a revolution happening in the C-suite that has been building for some time, and we are now seeing the changes. We call it CPO Rising.

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Metaverse: Past, Present, and Future

Better hardware, new use cases, and a growing audience are driving the sustainable present and exciting future for the metaverse.

Knowing when to pivot in developing a new product

Knowing when to pivot is tough. A strong product development process can chances you’ll make a bad pivot according to David Prentice of CollegeVine

Succeeding in a Platform PM Role: Be a Sponge

Absorbing and reflecting on stakeholder, customer, and market insights will help you excel in your new platform PM role.

Next in Tech: How Are We Going to Interact with Technology in the Future?

Interactive technology is evolving quicker than ever. How can we prepare our products for the coming digital transformation? 

The Future of In-App Purchases

Emma Cai investigates mobile app monetization and how app stores can improve IAPs to encourage more innovative content in the long run.

Brilliant Product VP on Workplace Productivity

Building workplace stamina is critical for maintaining productivity as a product manager - from seeking help from peers to making sure you take time off.

Succeeding in a Platform PM Role: Build Key Relationships

New Platform Product Managers: follow these tips and start building key relationships today to lay a strong foundation for success.

Challenges in Product Development: Using the Power of Questions

As PMs, we know that our products are only as good as the questions they answer. Use more questions in the product development process today.

Marketplace Strategies, Part 3: Targeting Unique Supply and Demand

Markets offering unique products or services can be fantastic business opportunities; coupling those with unique demand is a great strategy.

Livestreaming: Viable as a Product or Distribution Channel

If you think livestreaming is a fleeting fad in which kids just watch each other play video games, you are in for a surprise.

Creating Connected Product Teams in a Remote Environment

Remote work has its advantages. But product leaders can't lose sight of the strengths gained through better connected product teams.

Checking the Pulse on Feature Adoption

White Ops Product Leader, Bharat Manglani, shares best practices on strategies to investigate, monitor, and use insights on feature adoption.

Marketplace Strategies, Part 2: Vertical vs. Horizontal

ErisX COO, Matt Trudeau, shares why a marketplace can be an amazing product as long as you have a strategy to build one successfully.

The Growth Mindset for Product Teams

The Growth Mindset for Product Teams produced by Products That Count helps to benchmark product teams and assess their competencies.

How Technology Helped the Pandemic and What’s Next? (Part 1)

Jostle Product Director, Felipe Gasparino, highlights the positive impacts of the pandemic, remote working, and what’s next in product.

Advice for Pitches at Early-Stage Startups

Mighty Capital Product Executive in Residence, David Prentice, shares the do's and don'ts for investor pitches at early stage startups.

Measuring Engagement with User Branches

Read the latest piece by ZEFR Product Lead, Bharat Manglani, and learn about measuring engagement with user branches and cohort analysis.

Exclusive New Ebook – Embedded Data Analytics with Tableau

Gain immediate, members-only access to the newest Products That Count ebook, Embedded Data Analytics, in partnership with Tableau.

Community Group Buying – Can the Business Model Work in the US?

Vimeo Product Lead, Emma Cai, shares unique insights and perspectives on if and how community group buying can work in the US.

Iterate Faster with a Discovery Foundation

Katherine Kornas, Betterment Product VP, explains how to build a discovery foundation of hypotheses to power a more efficient product discovery process.

Marketplace Strategies: An Introduction

ErisX COO, Matt Trudeau, shares why a marketplace can be an amazing product as long as you have a strategy to build one successfully.

Understanding Your User Base

ZEFR Product Lead, Bharat Manglani, lays out the ways product managers can understand the segments and patterns of their user base.

More Vs. Better — A Product Strategy Trade-Off

Tatari Product Director, Bryce York, explores product strategy tradeoffs from the perspective of building more vs. better.

A Better Competitive Analysis

Betterment VP of Product Katherine Kornas offers a more consumer-centric approach to product competitive analysis.

The Power of Markets: GameStop and Beyond

ErisX COO Matthew Trudeau continues his Power of Markets series by breaking down the recent US equities markets turmoil involving GameStop.

Three Mistakes to Avoid When Building Minimum Viable Products

CollegeVine Product Lead David Prentice latest article breaks down critical mistakes to avoid when building minimum viable products.

Embedded Analytics Series: Accelerating Insights at Grindrod

The final piece in our Embedded Analytics Series with Tableau, exploring how to accelerate product insights with embedded data.

Embedded Analytics Series: Build vs. Buy with Carrefour

The next installment in our Embedded Data Analytics Series breaks down the build vs. buy scenario from the perspective of embedded data.

Navigating the Product Metrics Maze

White Ops Product Lead Bharat Manglani shares how to measure key product metrics, extract insights, and refine your product strategy.

Building Secure Products: An Introduction to Cybersecurity for Product Leaders

Learn how to build secure products from the ground floor in this cybersecurity series from Tugboat Logic and Products That Count.

Building Secure Products: The Future of Security-Driven Product Design

Learn how to build secure products from the ground floor in this cybersecurity series from Tugboat Logic and Products That Count.

Building Secure Products: Top 3 Security Tips You Don’t Want to Ignore During Development

Learn how to build secure products from the ground floor in this cybersecurity series from Tugboat Logic and Products That Count.

Building Secure Products: Why Information-Driven Product Design Matters

Learn how to build secure products from the ground floor in this cybersecurity series from Tugboat Logic and Products That Count.

Embedded Analytics Series – Data Monetisation at ICIS

Continuing the Embedded Data Analytics Series from Tableau, dive into a roundtable on Data Monetisation with a panel of domain experts and thought leaders.

Product Acceleration Platform: The Solution to Ineffective Product Management

The Product Acceleration Platform, from Products That Count, will help you and your product team build winning products.

A Path to Market Leadership

Solving the problem of ineffective product management and a 3-step playbook for gaining market leadership.

Adapting to the New Standard for SMS in the US: Inside the Massive 10DLC Product Build at Vonage

We asked Vonage Product Manager - Numbers Team, Doru Moise, how they went about building a product that is compliant with the 10DLC standard.

The Ramifications of Ineffective Product Management

Ineffective product management can have significant ramifications that impact your product team and organization as a whole.

It’s the Year 3021. Does Your Product Still Exist?

VP of Growth Katherine Kornas draws parallels between the business values of millenium-old businesses in Japan and modern product management

Take It to the Finish Line Together

White Ops Product Lead Bharat Manglani writes on how to align teams and effectively communicate with cross-functional team leadership.

Embedded Analytics Series – Turning Data Into Product with Experian

In their Embedded Analytics Series, Tableau Software gathers world-class experts to discuss the value found in Embedded Data Analytics.

Experiences Are The New Product

Katherine Kornas, Betterment VP of Growth, shares how product managers can drive product innovation by incorporating experience management best practices.

The Power of Markets

ErisX COO Matt Trudeau lays out how product managers can harness the power of markets for a sustainable future.

Organize Your Product to Empower Your Users

CollegeVine Product Lead David Prentice shares how to balance product structures with micro and macro organization in order to empower users.

Map Out The Journey

White Ops Product Lead Bharat Manglani shares how product leaders can efficiently map out various journeys for cross-functional teams.

Build vs. Buy – A Product Manager’s Guide to Not Building Things

Tatari Senior Technical Product Manager Bryce York establishes how to make a build vs. buy decision while mitigating the risks and costs.

Tips for Acing Your Product Manager Interview Case Study

Case studies are a common component of a product manager interview. Betterment VP of Growth shares three tips to ensure yours will stand out.

To Discover Hidden Customer Problems, Try Defining Solutions First

CollegeVine Product Lead David Prentice illustrates how product managers can create better products by defining solutions through design ideation.

How Fast Do Product Managers Learn and Grow

Products That Count surveyed it's network of product managers with a Growth Mindset Assessment to identify where the average product team stood.

Bringing Ego Into Your Product

Betterment VP of Growth Katherine Kornas explains how tapping into user ego can provide insight needed to build more fulfilling products.

Inspire your Engineering Teams

White Ops Product Lead, Bharat Manglani discussing the importance of product managers learning how to inspire your Engineering teams.

Incentivizing Trust Through Transparency

The most powerful means for products and businesses to establish trust and resist the temptation of negative incentives is transparency.

What is a Growth Product Team’s Product?

Betterment VP of Growth, Katherine Kornas, explores the concept of Growth product and discusses the product of the Growth product team.

Optimization, Validated Learning, and ‘The Lean Startup’

CollegeVine Product Manager, David Prentice, discusses following the Eric Ries 'The Lean Startup' and taking care not to overlook validated learning.

Building Products in a Pandemic

The Building Products in a Pandemic eBook features interviews with product leaders from companies such as Samsung NEXT, Butterfly Network, and more.

Product Obstacles: Prep Ahead to Avoid Future Pain

White Ops Product Manager, Bharat Manglani, discusses known or unknown product obstacles you could potentially face and how to overcome them.

Paper Cut Problems: The Subtle Menace Undermining Your Product and Retention

Tatari Sr Technical PM, Bryce York, discusses paper cut problems, which are the imperfections or blemishes in your product experience.

Product Managing Incentives in Complex Systems

ErisX Chief Product Officer and Chief Strategy Officer, Matt Trudeau, disusses product managing incentives in complex systems.

Do Get Product Feedback. Don’t Get Stuck

How to navigate roduct feedback from stakeholders not only during product requirements review but also through the product development cycle.

Roadmapping Products During Uncertainty

Product roadmap = built around questions steers products through uncertainty and gives product managers an advantage: adaptability.

A Guide To Managing Your Product Portfolio

There are many ways to leverage product portfolio thinking in your product strategy and roadmaps, and this is an important starting point.

How to See the Big Picture to Prioritize Product Features

Product Managers by nature are driven to deliver on everything asked of them, but great product managers know how to prioritize product features.

Why Emotional Products Are Better Products

Insights on user emotion from product management experience, and a step you can take to understand your product’s unique emotional value proposition.

mParticle fmr SVP/Head of Identity Solutions on Identity in Product

mParticle SVP & Head of Identity Solutions, Todd Schoenherr, on how identity solutions play a role in product strategy at mParticle.

Three Tips for Succeeding in Product Management at a Startup

Looking to use all the great product management skills at a startup? Here’s what no one tells you about transitioning to a startup.

How Do You Know When You’re Ready to Grow?

GameClub COO Brit Myers explores the questions; How do you know if you’re ready to grow?  How do you know if that core product is good enough?

A New Definition of Customer For Product Managers

For product managers, the concept of “customer” as a single entity has become an outmoded, and restrictive, way of thinking.

3 Things I Learned From Developing Mobile Games

Britt Myers, GameClub COO, shares what he has learned about product management from developing mobile games over the years.

10 Psychological Drivers That Engage Users and Support Product Growth (Part 3)

How does product personalization contribute to product growth? Check out these tips from Zillow Head of Product, Nate Moch.

Understanding How Data can Drive Positive Customer Experiences (Part 3)

How can product managers leverage data for success? Learn more from Nicolas Chikhani of Feelmore Labs in our latest blog.

Understanding How a Data can Drive Positive Customer Experiences (Part 2)

Nicolas Chikhani, the Head Product Officer at Feelmore Labs, shares his tips on keeping consistency across customer touch-points.

10 Psychological Drivers that Engage Users and Support Product Growth (Part 2)

Vice President, Product at Zillow, having been with the company for over 13 years, shares tips on product growth in our latest blog.

Defining Personalization in B2C Software Products

Personalization in B2C Software Products has been a hot topic in Product Experience and Marketing for many years.

10 Psychological Drivers that Engage Users and Support Product Growth (Part 1)

Nate Moch outlined the 10 psychological drivers that support product growth, including fear of missing out, and the herd mentality.

Thinking, Feeling, Doing: Knowing Your Users as Humans

How can product managers get better at understanding users as humans, to find moments in their lives where products naturally fit?

Product Launch: A Day One Guide

A product launch is highly anticipated, the moment of truth, but also just the beginning of the marathon. Learn more in this Day One guide.

Customer-centric Customer Journey Maps

Betterment VP of Product shares tips on building a customer journey map that can be a useful tool to encourage customer-centric thinking.

Betterment Product Lead on Managing Products With Conviction

Betterment Product Lead breaks down why data should be used as a checks-and-balances system for strong conviction statements.

Fmr Homer CPO & Co-Founder on 3 Mistakes and How We Overcame Them

Brit Myers, COO of GameClub, shares his biggest mistakes at Homer and what lessons he learned from them as he found product-market fit.

Rent The Runway Product Lead on Mario Kart Roadmaps: A Cautionary Tale

Rent the Runway Director of Product Mgmt, Laura Burkhauser, discusses the concept of Mario Karting and how it can be avoided.

Betterment Product Lead on Best Practices For Product Launches (Part 2)

Review best practices for product launches with Betterment Product Lead, from defining your product purpose to managing dependencies.

GameClub COO on Product Manager Leadership In Growing Startups

Britt Myers on leadership in growing startups, the importance of knowing the story of your product, and building relationships with your CEO.

LiveCareer VP Product On Product Manager Skills

LiveCareer VP of Product, David Grayson, reviews the skills and competencies of being a successful product manager.

Rent The Runway Product Lead on Best Practices for Hiring PMs

Rent The Runway Product Lead, Laura Burkhauser, shares the importance of selecting the right people as interview candidates when hiring.

Betterment Product Lead on Best Practices For Product Launches (Part 1)

Betterment Product Lead Katherine Kornas shares best practices for successful product launches, beginning with understanding your customer's needs.

GameClub COO on Measuring Qualitative Data

GameClub COO Britt Myers continues his series on product management by reviewing best practices for collecting and analyzing qualititative data.

LiveCareer Product VP on The Localization of Product/Market Fit

LiveCareer Product VP David Grayson shares perspective on how to localize product/market fit for international products in new territories.

Customer Personalization Methods

With better customer personalization, you have more opportunities to drive revenue. Personalization makes it easy for them to choose and become customers.

Design Skills For User-Centric Design

User-centric design skills will make you a better team manager beyond just making a product look great. Instead, focus on group fundamentals.

Products That Count Crew Spotlight: Gaurav Hardikar

It's time to bring you closer to the people who have built the Products That Count community! Read more from Brilliant Product Director Gaurav Hardikar.

JUUL Labs fmr CPO on Board Deck Best Practices

Creating the perfect board deck enables product leaders to communicate their priorities to board members with direct buy-in from the CEO and executive team.

How Design Thinking Influences User-Centric Design

Design thinking is more than just a sleek product. User-centric design creates advantages for business in any industry with undeniable results.

Swarm Design: Take Design Thinking Anywhere

Swarm design provides uncommon access to the design thinking process to users with opportunities to drive collaboration from non-designers.

Swarm Design: Creative Design For The Masses

The power of swarm design lies in the ability to connect users to products they love by engaging them in the design process.

Homer Co-Founder on Measuring Success With Data

Data metrics enable product teams to understand customer preferences and optimize product performance to generate revenue more efficiently.

Complex Products: Get The Details Right

When it comes to managing complex products, the devil is in the details - evaluating multiple scenarios and managing the effects of uncommon situations.

Product Management: Building Value For Users & Businesses

Product management teams have the ability to drive value for users and businesses alike by leveraging personalization to align with customer expectations.

Brilliant Product Director on The Dharma of Product Management

Product management functions perform at a higher level when they are grounded in core values that serve as a guide to drive operational excellence.

Complex Products: Understanding The Food Journey

Managing complex products is a challenging opportunity for product teams to optimize user experiences that commonly include many pain points.

Product Management: Building Something New

When approaching new product development, it's critcal for product management teams to evaluate qualitative and quantitative data equally.

Product Velocity: Get Feedback!

Getting feedback from your customers and internal stakeholders will ensure that you can sustain momentum generated from new product velocity.

LiveCareer Product VP on Assessing International Markets

Factors to consider when assessing international markets include customer research, localization, e-commerce, product marketing & legal requirements.

Product Velocity: Alignment Avalanche!

Creating product velocity is a function of creating alignment within your product team to ensure that everyone is working toward the same goals.

JUUL Labs fmr CPO on Customer Personas

Customer personas help product managers tackle challenges that come from demanding customers as opposed to focusing solely on "best case" scenarios.

Product Platforms: Unique Development Advantages

App developers can leverage product platforms to bring new solutions to market more efficiently by improving speed-to-market with a proven framework.

Diversity In Product: Making It Happen

Product leaders must increase diversity in the profession by getting out into the community and engaging with young people to enhance the talent pipeline.

Product Platforms: The Discovery Process

Building new solutions on product platforms enable teams to get a headstart on product discovery by providing a proven framework for development.

E-Commerce: Building Long-Term Loyalty

Building customer loyalty is essential for long-term e-commerce success - driving repeat visits for purchasing customers and lowering acquisition costs.

The Impact of Diversity & Inclusion In Product

Promoting diversity & inclusion goes beyond simply increasing representation on your team. Product organizations need to ensure that everyone has a voice.

Product Research: Expand Your Current Product

Companies with successful products use product research to gauge opportunities to leverage their business reputation to expand into new markets.

Data Product Management: Your Data Is A Product (Part 2)

The key to every successful data product is a function of how you collect the data that ultimately drives your product roadmap forward.

E-Commerce: Moving Through The Funnel

Driving users on e-commerce platforms to become customers takes time and careful planning to build purchase confidence through engagement milestones.

Product Lifecycle: Jobs To Be Done

Identifying problems through the "jobs to be done" framework enables product managers to focus the product lifecycle on holistic solutions for their users.

Product Strategy: Building Something New

Building a product strategy for new solutions is best accomplished by evaluating organic integration points that align with your core operations.

Product Research: Budget To Build From Scratch

Product research at its best combines qualitative and quantitative insights to generate recommended approaches for new product solutions.

Product Lifecycle: PMs Own The Problem

Product managers must start their product lifecycle management by focusing on the primary problem - rather than the primary solution or future steps.

Product Manager Skills: Master Prototyping

Every product manager benefits from building prototypes that satisfy common user demands and provide essential value that resonates with customers.

Brilliant Product Director on Demystifying Product Management

It's time to break down all the acroynms and terms that are commonly used in product management, making sense of a profession that has its own language.

Product Strategy: Ideation 101

Product teams must invest time during the ideation phase to ask critical questions that will guide thier optimal product strategy to reach more customers.

Product Manager Loops: Development vs. Emotional

Fitbit fmr Product Lead on Product Manager Standouts (Part 2) As you know, being a product manager requires us to utilize a number of

LiveCareer Product VP on International Product Launches

International product launches are complex and require a unique playbook to ensure that your product can be used globally with a variety of customers.,

Innovator Winners: 2019 Inaugural Product Awards Show

Inaugural Product Awards Show: Innovator Winners The time is now - here are the Innovator company winners for the 2019 Inaugural

Growth Winners: 2019 Inaugural Product Awards Show

Inaugural Product Awards Show: Growth Winners The time is now - here are the Growth company winners for the 2019 Inaugural Product

Enterprise Winners: 2019 Inaugural Product Awards Show

Inaugural Product Awards Show: Enterprise Winners The time is now - here are the Enterprise company winners for the 2019 Inaugural

Problem Solving: “You’ve Seen This Before”

Effective problem solving is tied to your ability to think through solutions to similar issues, while drawing from outside industries for more perspective.

PM Performance: Development Areas

Performance tracking for product managers is best categorized within four development areas - innovation, execution, leadership and technical skills.

JUUL Labs fmr CPO on Passionate Customers

Identifying Your Passionate Customers Do you know who your most passionate customers are? They may not be the ones who spend the most money

Measuring Performance: Building The Framework

Building a framework for PM performance enables product teams to clearly establish goals across the team with clear metrics for success.

Product Management: “Squeaky Wheel Syndrome”

Product management teams must combat the "squeaky wheel syndrome" - learning how to say "no" to certain requests in order to maintain strategic focus.

Problem Solving: All About Repetition

Applying past lessons in repetition across multiple projects enable product managers to kickstart problem solving exercises without needing to start over.

Product Management: Simple UX for Complex Platforms

While product interfaces may appear very simple, PM teams must invest in UX optimization to create intuitive solutions for complex tasks.

Product Expansion: When To Go Forward

There are many compelling reasons for product expansion - from satisfying short-term customer needs to setting up your product for long-term success.

Data Product Management: Your Data Is A Product (Part 1)

Data product managers must draw from a number of sources to analyze and verify data that will drive product development strategies.

Growth Finalists: 2019 Inaugural Product Awards Show

Inaugural Product Awards Show: Growth Finalists After more than a year of careful deliberation, it's time to reveal the Growth company

Innovator Finalists: 2019 Inaugural Product Awards Show

Inaugural Product Awards Show: Innovator Finalists After more than a year of careful deliberation, it's time to reveal the Innovator

Enterprise Finalists: 2019 Inaugural Product Awards Show

Inaugural Product Awards Show: Enterprise Finalists After more than a year of careful deliberation, it's time to reveal the Enterprise

Product Expansion: Avoid These Drivers

There are plenty of reasons to avoid product expansion - from personal employee requests to knee-jerk reactions from investors about your competition.

Innovating With Low-Velocity Products

There's plenty of room for product managers to innovate with low-velocity products - solving complex problems with innovative apporaches for customers.

Optimizing Features For Data Products

One of the biggest challenges in managing data products is figuring out how to best optimize features, balancing what to improve versus what to delete.

Low-Velocity Products: Simplifying Complex Problems

Managing users and keeping them engaged is a significant challenge for product managers who focus on low-velocity products.

Data Products Solving Long-Term Challenges

Data products provide new approaches to long-term challenges by applying predictive analytics to processes that normally require manual testing.

Legacy Products: Vampires vs. Replacements

The best way to manage legacy products is evaluating their ability to solve important problems and analyzing opportunities for future innovation.

Building Trust: It’s Not About You

When it comes to building trust, checking your ego at the door is key to establishing long-term relationships with customers to drive sustainable growth.

Legacy Products: Questions, Then Keep or Kill

Product teams managing legacy products must wrestle with continuing to optimize a specific product or determine when it's time to introduce a replacement.

Building Trust For A Startup

Startups face even more demanding circumstances for building trust, as entrepreneurs need to build value for every aspect of their business from scratch.

Product Career: New Challenges For Greatness

Part of building a great product career is identifying new challenges to take on to enhance your skills and expand your ability to create new products.

Navigating Your Product Career: Startup to Acquisition

During your product career, joining startups enable product managers to apply skills learned at large companies to create a new product culture.

The Fundamentals of Quality Voice Products

While many product best practices apply to creating voice products, the user expereince must be refined to connect with users on a personal level.

Voice Products: Modern Innovation, Opportunities For More

The explosion of voice products is being fueled by increasing tech innovation and rising user expectations - accelerating adoption and overall capabilities.

The Essential Drivers of Voice Technology

There are four essential components that have increased adoption for voice technology - from greater accessibility to security solutions.

Voice Technology: Speed, Accuracy, Everywhere

Increased speed and accuracy with voice technology is driving adoption across multiple product categories - including emerging tech, home appliances & more.

Biodigital CPO on Revenue Growth Products

Growth products are optimized for success by early user adoption with emphasis on maintaining engagement and retention to drive sustained revenue growth.

Building New Features: Product Analytics For Enterprise

Today's product analytics tools provide PMs with access to critical data to make informed decisions on product enhancements and overall performance.

BioDigital CPO on Product Design Philosophy

Every aspect of the product design process must be focused on the end user, providing customers with clear value in solving a clear use case.

Hinge CPO on Mobile Dating Apps

The Present & Future of Mobile Dating Apps Today, the ways in which people find love are changing rapidly through mobile dating apps.

Design Development: Product Testing For Enterprise

Product testing tools provide product teams with critical insights driven by real-world customer interactions to optimize performance and functionality.

Hinge CPO on Building With Lean Product Teams

Lean product teams represent the new model for success in building products, requiring PMs to think differently about using resources to remain efficient.

Product Design: Putting In The Work

From constant ideation to several rounds of trial and error, product design is a grind that requires patience and creative inputs to keep designers focused.

Product Design: The Right Equation For Product Results

Rather than focusing solely on the final deliverable, product design must be viewed as a process that requires ample time to produce the best results.

Ovia Co-Founder on Prototype Testing

Prototype creation starts with figuring out the lessons that you want to learn through testing by users who have a vested interest in your product.

Product Launch Question 3: How Do We Move Forward?

Building your go-to-market plan is the final step in creating a product launch, from finding your target audience to determining where to go next.

Product Concepts: Rapid Prototyping For Enterprise

Rapid prototyping tools enable product teams at enterprise businesses to create effective product test cases without slowing down the creative process.

Product Launch Question 2: Which Opportunity Do You Attack?

Winning your market is key for a successful product launch by building momentum from early adopters to create long-term value with new customer segments.

Ovia Co-Founder on Growth Products

The success of growth products is driven by customer engagement and retention in order to create a sustainable base of active users.

Growth Products: Value Hacking Before Growth Hacking

To achieve long-term success, growth products are incubated with ample time spent on defining their value proposition before moving into growth-mode.

Acorns Product Director on Product Manager Tips

Every great product manager crafts their own product vision, identifying a clear customer need and infusing their brand's unique traits into the experience.

Value Creation For Growth Products

Value creation for growth products occurs over time through a variety of product phases, each of which must be reviewed in order to build long-term success.

Acorns Product Director on Workplace Equality

Committing to diversity and inclusion in the workplace brings a broader perspective to product teams, while making a positive impact on product culture.

Product Collaboration: Roadmapping For Enterprise

Tools for product roadmapping at large-scale companies must enable collaboration and transparency across the product team to keep everyone on the same page.

How To (Really) Measure E-Commerce Success

While many e-commerce operations are affected by returns and shipping costs, there are ways to leverage "mistakes" to build lifetime value for customers.

Product Managers Must Be Inclusive

Operating with inclusiveness enables product managers to reach their peers and customers with greater effectiveness through active listening.

Balancing E-Commerce Tech In Retail Experience

Modern retailers must strikes a balance between e-commerce convenience and personalized interactions to provide customers with a great experience.

Leaders Take Product Managers To The Next Level

To develop into leaders, product managers benefit from great managers who are respected within the organization and exercise personal empathy.

Product Managers Must Be Bold

Big ideas drive product managers to create amazing solutions, using data from testing bold hypotheses to take product design to the next level.

The Right Priorities For Product Managers

Product managers must set their priorities correctly in order to lead product teams, from selecting high-impact projects to seeking constant mentorship.

Design Thinking: Mobility As A Service (MaaS)

Mobility as a service (MaaS) provides an example of how design thinking can limit the paradox of choice to streamline searchability for eHailing services.

Design Thinking: Solving The Paradox of Choice

There are several ways to address paradox of choice in design thinking, including design simplicity and enabling customers to "choose" instead of "pick."

Product Management: Customer Success Teams

Customer success teams help product management identify areas for improvement through direct customer feedback, while reducing churn to drive more revenue.

Product Design Lessons: #4 – 6

To drive sustained growth, product design teams need to build product/market fit before moving forward with new user acquisition and adding new features.

Career Roadmap: Brainstorm, Put It All Together

Drawing inspiration from industry leaders is a great way to enhance your career roadmap, from modeling career trajectory to developing new skills.

Finalize Your Product Management Checklist

Product management teams are most effective when potential issues are identified early, flagging potential errors and eliminating confusion on priorities.

Instagram Stories: Product Design & User Habits

Adapting product design to match user needs can be achieved by monitoring how users alter the product experience to produce specific results.

Product Management: Start Your Checklist

Product management teams need to think through red flags that can affect new product features, including use case complexity and impact to daily business.

Evolving Instagram’s Product Design

Putting users first is essential for optimizing product design to meet the needs of users and advertisers to create more value.

Design Thinking For Crypto’s Future

Jeremy Henrickson is a product leader committed to making a difference for people through pioneering disruptive innovation. We are starting to see the potential that crypto platforms bring to improving transactional processes and decentralize information. As Jeremy outlines, there is still work to be done in driving mass adoption for crypto technology. Most importantly, crypto’s impact goes far beyond currency solutions – it can give people control over their identity.

Five Principles of Product Design

Sarah Bernard is a product leader who has pioneered innovative design experiences to enhance customer engagement. For product leaders, working effectively with designers is critical to creating meaningful products. Sarah shares her five principles for working with product designers – from leveraging individual strengths to never losing sight of the customer experience.

Design Thinking: Today’s Cryptocurrency

Jeremy Henrickson is a product leader committed to making a difference for people through pioneering disruptive innovation. Breakthroughs with blockchain and crypto technologies have transformed the landscape for commerce and transactions. While cryptocurrency is very much in its early stages, Jeremy explains the solutions it provides for today’s financial system. In addition, he talks about the role that Coinbase plays in building consumer confidence in cryptocurrency.

Product Design: Avoid These Mistakes

Sarah Bernard is a product leader who has pioneered innovative design experiences to enhance customer engagement. One of the biggest mistakes that product leaders make is not knowing how to talk to designers. Sarah outlines five common personas that many product leaders fall into when they fail to connect with designers and create ineffective collaboration.

Product Management: Customers & MVP

Ash Wahi has led product teams that manage many of the largest service platforms. Unlike other consumer products, the customer expectations and MVP requirements for platform products are completely different. As Ash explains, it’s important to align your customer’s needs with your business focus and always to be mindful of who’s in charge.

Product Leadership in Distributed Teams

Expand the talent pool, and improve the quality of life for employees, by adopting a distributed teams style of organization.

Finding Your North Star For Growth Products

Understanding product-market fit is critical for defining a "North Star" to set up growth products for success and reach more customers.

Platform Product Management

Ash Wahi has led product teams that manage many of the largest service platforms. Managing a platform product shares many common themes with other product management functions. However, as Ash explains, there are key differences in defining the strategy for platform products and how feedback is collected to enhance the product experience.

Effective Language For Team Building

Communication skills and effective use of language in team building are critical for positive reinforcement and continuous learning.

Growth Products: Create Empathy By Listening

The principle of empathy connects the features of growth products with customers to create value and engagement for more users.

Product Design Roles & Responsibilities

Alignment on product design roles and priorities requires a structured approach with clear responsibilities to ensure that projects stay on track.

Team Building With The Growth Mindset

The growth mindset drives effective team building to create lifelong learners who are dedicated to continuous improvement.

Product Manager 101: Always Ship, Rarely Launch

Today's product manager must balance large-scale launches with constantly adding new features to existing products in order to engage with users.

Mobile Product Design for Recovery Counselors

Core features of mobile product design can be optimized to expand your audience and drive additional product growth with new user acquisition.

Protection From Villains In Design Thinking

Product managers must focus on the role that "villains" can play in the design thinking process to protect customers with positive intent.

Product Design Flow For Your Customers

Creating a memorable first impression with product design is vital for engagement, driven by three factors that are responsible for customer retention.

Improving Mobile Product Design With User Input

Direct feedback from customers is critical for enhancing mobile product design to drive engagement and creating value for users.

Product Management: Trust The Process

Product management can lead culture changes through collaborative processes that increase transparency to make better business decisions.

Introducing Data to Product Management

Effective product management is powered by data to make better decisions in finding new business opportunities and understanding customer needs.

Design Thinking Challenges: Users vs. Villains

To create well-rounded products, the design thinking process should involve analysis for what can happen when products are used with bad intent.

AI Product Design: Data + Humanity

Human interaction has impacted AI product design by creating new data points to optimize products and make user interfaces more intuitive.

AI Product Design: Flickr to Google Photo

Community engagement has enhanced AI product design to engage users with meaningful content that is powered by social connectivity.

Product Marketing: Specs vs. Aspiration

Meghan Laffey led the product team at GoPro from its early origins to an IPO that drove massive growth for the company. It’s easy to “nerd out” on specs with innovative products like GoPro cameras. However, Meghan highlights that GoPro customers aren’t buying cameras because they’re super-technical products. Most importantly, they are buying into an aspirational lifestyle.

Product Marketing: User-Generated Content

Meghan Laffey led the product team at GoPro from its early origins to an IPO that drove massive growth for the company. GoPro cameras turn every outdoor activity into an incredible video production that can be easily shared with millions of people. As Meghan explains, GoPro leverages various types of user-generated content to reach multiple audiences and showcase their product capabilities.

Product Design Begins In The Shop

The fundamentals of product design are best learned with hands-on experiences that you only get in a workshop or on the floor of a manufacturing plant.

Mid-Stage Product Development

Alex MacCallum leads the New Product and Ventures team at The New York Times – bringing new subscribers to a traditional media source with engaging content and fresh perspectives. Once a new source for growth is identified, you need to hone in on providing relevant content to users. As Alex explains, the cooking product was built on real-world observation and a comprehensive review of what people needed to prepare a meal at home.

The Five Elements of Product Design

studioRed Founder on Product Design (Part 2) When you look at product design, our primary focus has to be the end user and delivering a

Early Stage Product Development

Alex MacCallum leads the New Product and Ventures team at The New York Times – bringing new subscribers to a traditional media source with engaging content and fresh perspectives. There are many ways of identifying new opportunities for growth – and Alex describes how her team landed on the topic of parenting to create a new content source for The Times.

How To Use Customer Data In Product Design

User data is driving product design, protecting user privacy is a challenge. Effective team building makes a difference.

Adapting Product Design To Human Behavior

Kintan Brahmbhatt is a product leader with Amazon Music, pioneering innovative solutions for music lovers to listen to their favorite songs. Searching for new content used to be entirely text-based, but voice commands and audible technology have changed the game in how people search for content. Instead of using a conventional search to find music, Kintan outlines how simply asking for “the newest song” allows music lovers to find their new favorite song without knowing its title.

Designing Products For Cybersecurity

Unique features and designs are required for security product managers to protect us against emerging cybersecurity threats.

Customer-Centric Product Design

Modern product design must be customer-centric, team building powers a culture that connects businesses to their customers.

Product Roadmap Time Management: “Jar of Life”

Managing time is key in developing a product roadmap, prioritizing your strategic bets to deliver exciting products for your customers.

Product Design By Users For Users

Kintan Brahmbhatt is a product leader with Amazon Music, pioneering innovative solutions for music lovers to listen to their favorite songs. Balancing the needs of your customers and understanding your competition is critical to enhancing product design. As Kintan explains, it’s helpful to start by engaging your customers in the product design process – while listening intently to what’s happening in your competitive landscape.

Great Expectations: What Should You Expect From Your Product Team?

As an executive, you know that product teams are essential to the business. You rely on them for strategy, research, recommendations, and more. Pragmatic Marketing Instructor Steve Gaylor breaks down what to expect of these product managers and marketers and how to communicate and build with ease. 

Cybersecurity Challenges & Opportunities

Cybersecurity products have a huge impact on people's lives and business activities - including confidentiality, personal privacy and network stability.

Every Product Roadmap Needs A Destination

Creating a product roadmap requires more than effective tools, you need a great team and a clear destination in order to reach your goals.

User Testing Pitfalls w/ Redshift

1) Using a testing approach that’s unnecessarily heavy David (Principal & Founder, Redshift): One problem I see a lot is people

VR Product Manager Best Practices

Working as a VR product manager requires balance between emerging consumer preferences and traditional best practices in product design.

Team Building: Evangelize (E) Data Culture

Creating data culture through team building requires organizations to have several champions to ensure that data is integrated into daily activities.

Team Building: Collaborate (C), Distribute (D)

Collaboration through team building provides critical insights and sets the stage for implementation of new business practices.

Treat your PM Career as a Product

As Product Manager’s, we all go through different stages and experiences to learn the skills we need to thrive. Gaurav Hardikar formerly of Trulia, Zillow Group, Shopkick, and now PM of Brilliant, breaks down Execution, Strategy, and Emotional Intelligence in this latest blog post. 

Challenges For Every VR Product Manager

Content availability, interface limitations and first impressions are common challenges facing today's VR product manager.

Creating Culture Through People Management

Core values are essential in setting the direction for people management practices and leadership team effectiveness to support great culture.

Technical Debt in Product Development

Ziad Ishmail leads the product team at Convoy, using cutting-edge data science and product design to optimize freight delivery. Over the course of the product development process, your decisions create technical debt that factors into the profitability of a product initiative. As Ziad outlines, product teams must be mindful of technical debt to prioritize projects and involve cross-functional teams to mitigate its effects.

Mastering Voice and Conversational User Experiences

Not a day goes by where we don’t read in the news about new products and services that use voice as a method for interacting with users. From robots to cars, even mirrors and toilets. Eduardo Olvera breaks down the 3 things you need to know as a PM to master “voice” technologies in this Products That Count blog post.

Product Efficiency Makes An Impact At Best Scale

Driving efficiency and keeping things simple is key for successful product management, delivering high value to maximize impact at best scale.

Word of Mouth for Growth Products

Word of mouth drives adoption for growth products with authenticity and acquires new users with minimal cost to sustain success.

Evaluating Product Development Costs

Ziad Ishmail leads the product team at Convoy, using cutting-edge data science and product design to optimize freight delivery. Every business decision carries costs – some of which are obvious in the present, but less obvious in the future. As Ziad explains, product managers must have a clear picture of the costs associated with decisions made throughout the product development process.

Culture Drives Impact At Best Scale

Building culture drives effective product management, focused on making an impact at best scale with contributions across teams.

Land and Expand Your Growth Products

The “land and expand” model for growth products provides a roadmap for finding opportunities and seeding them for long-term adoption.

How to Organize Your Product Team Around Your North Star

Organizing a product team is hard but having a north star makes it easier. Justin Bauer, VP of Product at Amplitude, breaks down "pods" and how they developed team processes that work best for them and reduces communication overhead.

Soft Skills Every Product Manager Needs

Soft skills help product managers go from good to great. There are several soft skills every product manager needs, according to a VIP product leader.

Brand Positioning: Evolution of Netflix

From managing teams at Netflix to launching education solutions, Gibson Biddle is an innovative product leader with years of experience with building brands. From its beginnings as DVD-first service to its current position into a streaming-first service, Netflix has evolved significantly over the past 20 years. As Gibson explains, these changes in service also impacted the brand’s presentation and overall identity for its customers.

Setting Your Career Path For The C-Suite

Xiaodi Zhang is a product executive who has climbed the product ladder from project manager to CPO. Before you reach the top of your career path, you need to set a foundation for success. Drawing from personal experience, Xiaodi provides insight into the daily routine of a CPO – along with words of wisdom about not getting too carried away with receiving a promotion.

Resetting Your Career Path: Finding A New Job

Xiaodi Zhang is a product executive who has climbed the product ladder from project manager to CPO. To advance your career, it’s important to recognize when it’s time to move on to new opportunities. As Xiaodi explains, there are a number of factors that determine how to take on new challenges – from learning new skills to working with leaders who share your values.

Brand Positioning Models

From managing teams at Netflix to launching education solutions, Gibson Biddle is an innovative product leader with years of experience with building brands. Defining attributes for your brand is a critical process to help it stand out from the crowd. As Gibson explains, two models help to identify the essential features and emotions that your brand should communicate with its customers.

Create an Unforgettable Road Map

This article was written by PTC contributor Anjali Jameson Here’s how it used to play out for me.... Over a period of a month or two, I

Product Manager Launch Plan: New Features

Planning the launch for new features as a product manager presents many challenges, from identifying new opportunities to measuring impact for customers.

Expanding The Footprint of Virtual Products

Adam Sheppard is a leading expert in virtual technology – leading one of the most successful VR/AR agencies with cutting-edge products across industries. Daily use for virtual products continues to increase in our personal and professional lives. As Adam outlines, near-term enhancements to VR/AR capabilities will provide enriched content on several platforms – and “sci-fi” innovations are not too far behind.

AR Virtual Products: The Future Is Now

Adam Sheppard is a leading expert in virtual technology – leading one of the most successful VR/AR agencies with cutting-edge products across industries. Augmented reality (AR) is the fastest-growing segment within the virtual products space. As Adam explains, the increase in mobile-first experiences has expanded the application for AR – from fun-first games to everyday tasks.

Growth Products For Engagement

Mike Grishaver is a leader in building growth products to drive new revenue and engagement at category leaders. Outside of direct revenue plays, increasing engagement is a perfect opportunity for growth products to make an impact with users. Mike outlines his experience at Pandora that introduced a new way for users to listen to music that increased usage and provided an unexpected surprise.

Building Trust With Product Design

Ryan Walsh brings a fresh perspective to product management, rooted in building innovative products at Beats and investing in startups with Floodgate. Every product is positioned to provide specific needs for customers. As Ryan explains, successful products build trust with users by delivering on a unique promise that resonates with people in meaningful ways.

Growth Products That Drive New Revenue

Mike Grishaver is a leader in building growth products to drive new revenue and engagement at category leaders. Growth products are developed to create new revenue streams, but they need to be tailored for the needs of target audiences. Mike shares his experience with developing LinkedIn’s advertising business to illustrate how its design was optimized for user engagement on the platform.

Product Design: Storytelling With a Promise

Ryan Walsh brings a fresh perspective to product management, rooted in building innovative products at Beats and investing in startups with Floodgate. In today’s crowded digital environment, it’s difficult to stand out and grab users’ attention. As Ryan explains, great products are best positioned with a crafted story and well-defined promise to connect with customers in providing unique value.

Product Market Challenges For The Middleman

The most sustainable product market balances the needs of buyers and sellers with help from middlemen to host easier transactions.

Driving Revenue Through Product Design

With years of experience at leading news organizations, Julia Beizer is an expert in developing engaging content for today’s readers. Traditional advertising remains the primary revenue stream for news organizations, but the methods for integrating ads into news content have completely changed. Furthermore, leveraging user subscriptions through free trials have turned everyday users into customers. Julia discusses creative ways in which news organizations are optimizing content to drive revenue.

The Middleman & The Online Product Market

The “middleman” plays an integral part in today's online product market, making transactions easier and faster than ever.

Increasing News Reach With Product Design

With years of experience at leading news organizations, Julia Beizer is an expert in developing engaging content for today’s readers. To access daily news updates, users are not actively typing in one specific news source or website. As Julia explains, the introduction of sophisticated online search and increasing engagement on social channels has completely changed the ways in which people access news content.

Go Soft: How to Get Ahead in Product Management

Johnathan Lucky discusses empathy and why he wanted to immerse himself in the user experience and help improve the product.

Box Changes The Game For Enterprise Software

With 30 years of product experience, Chris Yeh is a leading expert in enterprise software products and product development. From its early beginnings with a single server to its current leadership position, the history of Box has been defined by making file sharing easier and more exciting. As Chris explains, there are a number of business factors and key features that propelled Box to where it is today.

It’s a New Age for Product Managers

There's a shift in product management mentality as we move from depending on intuition only vs. the large breadth of data we have accessible.

Branding Yourself as a Product

Kirsten Butzow explains why branding yourself as a product is crucial today because your job simply doesn’t come with a guarantee anymore.

Enterprise Software In The 21st Century

With 30 years of product experience, Chris Yeh is a leading expert in enterprise software products and product development. Following major innovations in the tech world, enterprise software began to evolve into a new era of accessibility and function. As Chris explains, changes in the marketplace for hardware preferences and greater emphasis on social engagement had a huge impact in the evolution of enterprise software.

Product Management: Experience Loop

Shiren Vijiasingam is a product leader who is dedicated to creating solutions that connect with users on a human level. Building an action plan to identify and solve friction is critical to improving the overall customer experience with products. Shiren presents a five-step model that takes a comprehensive view of the customer journey to create solutions that enhance the product experience.

Product Management: Mode Shift Friction

Shiren Vijiasingam is a product leader who is dedicated to creating solutions that connect with users on a human level. Friction is often viewed as a negative, but it can also create opportunities for new solutions to emerge. As Shiren explains, there are creative ways to turn customer pain points into innovative enhancements that bring joy to more customers.

Misunderstanding MVP in Product Design

Creating an effective MVP during the product design process is often misguided, leading to confusion about the product's true intent and viability.

Scaling Collaboration as a Product Manager

Gaurav Hardikar explains how collaboration across teams as a product manager and at what stage the company is in influences how you build the product.

Hearing About Accounts, Listening for Segments

Product leadership guru Rich Mironov discusses how account managers and product manager see the world differently—especially with accounts and segments.

Competitive Intelligence Gathering Through Win/Loss

Rich Nutinsky discusses why win/loss interviews are an excellent tool for gathering competitive intelligence as product and marketing professionals.

The Secret Weapon Product Teams Can Use to Make Tough Decisions

Ryan Walsh explains why it's important to add the following simple question to every design and product decision: Are we building or breaking trust?

Team Building as a Product Manager

Team building drives effective product management, bringing combined talents together to produce impactful products that reach more customers.

7 Ways to Know That You Need a Head of Product

Rich Mironov discusses why established companies and startups alike need to have a head of product, a single point of leadership within the organization.

PMs Drive Decisions, but EQ Drives Leadership

Gaurav Hardikar discusses how product managers should drive decisions and improve their EQ. How decisions are made matters in this role.

Growing Pains: The Challenges of Scaling a Business

Diane Pierson discusses why startups have issues when scaling a business and why she thinks this has confused both established businesses and startups.

Sorry Silicon Valley, You Don’t Need More Data. You Need a Story.

Why storytelling is a crucial part of the product design experience, and why relying on data isn't enough.

Managing Perceptions as a Product Manager

Being an effective product manager requires people skills to manage perceptions within the team, while providing practical tips to help with goal setting.

Changing Your Culture Using Product Market Data

Using product market data can make a positive impact on the culture within product management teams by using relevant insights to ensure customer success.

Let’s Abandon Customers and Users

Product leadership guru Rich Mironov discusses why product managers need to stop talking generically about customers and users.

The Five Elements of Product Design

Philip Bourgeois, Founder of StudioRed, discusses his 30+ years of experience in product design – sharing his perspective on the essential design elements that create great products. As Philip tells it, the combination of physical and digital interaction with products has changed the human experience that drives new product design.

Building Mobile Products That Count

Mobile has eaten the world... Beyond features and functions, business models and money, what was our vision for the mobile revolution?

The five personalization filters of great mobile products

Mobile products are with us all the time and embedded in our lives on 2 dimensions: internally -our individual needs; externally -how we share with others.

Three Deceptively Simple Steps to Exponential Mobile Growth

Every few weeks, people become more proficient with their mobile products. To maintain their growth rate, mobile companies must adapt constantly.

The 7 Design Elements of Great Mobile Products

Mobile Design: The 7 Design Elements of Great Mobile Products by SC Moatti, founder of Products That Count.

What to Look for in a Tech Cofounder

8/4: What to Look for in a Tech Co-founder - Products That Count

Why Internet mega-mergers are back in vogue

Many consumer internet companies went public too early and now, they want to go back to being private.

The Three Rules of Great Speakers

The three simple rules that great speakers follow

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