Experiences Are The New Product

I recently attended a digital roundtable of women leading change in their organizations. The women who joined me represented companies

The Power of Markets

Markets are the most powerful man-made force shaping human civilization. There are no better means to manage the human exchange of ideas,

Organize Your Product to Empower Your Users

When products develop and mature beyond the MVP phase, it can be challenging to help users navigate the rapidly expanding surface area of

Map Out The Journey

Seeing product ideas come to fruition is one of the most exciting aspects of Product Management. If these launches are not carefully

To Discover Hidden Customer Problems, Try Defining Solutions First

Many product leaders instruct product managers to focus on prioritizing customer problems, not defining solutions. In this framework, the

Inspire your Engineering Teams

Successfully learning how to inspire your Engineering teams and engaging with them is a critical component of Product Management. In

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Optimization, Validated Learning, and ‘The Lean Startup’

Imagine you are prospecting for oil. If you want to maximize your long-term ROI, you don’t start by aggressively drilling the well.

Product Obstacles: Prep Ahead to Avoid Future Pain

As you continue full speed ahead upon the path towards your product launch, it’s easy to be swayed by the inertia of product obstacles.