Here at Products That Count, we are constantly on the lookout for game-changing products, the ones that fundamentally upgrade the craft of product management. In fact, it’s the exact reason why each year we host the largest awards event for the product community, accompanied by the quintessential guide to the products every product manager needs to know. While those events only happen once a year, we never stop looking for the best tools to share, highlight, and rave about. Embedded Data Analytics from Tableau is one of those tools.

We all know data is necessary to the creation of winning products, but how you find, learn, and take action on that data is ever-changing. As the world reopens, product managers will need to adapt even faster to reinvigorated customer personas looking to take the world by storm. Data is knowledge and knowledge equals power, so we decided to partner with Tableau to shine a light on one way product managers can stay ahead, and stay winning, in the Age of Product.

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