Do any of these describe your Product Team?

Being a Product Leader can be challenging, whether you’re with a small start-up or a global enterprise. Just when you’ve “gotten it right”, there is a new acquisition to deal with, you hire more product managers, or your competition pivots and now everyone is scrambling. More often than not, Products Leaders are dealing with feelings like these:

  • We don’t seem to be building products customer cannot live without.
  • We don’t know how to structure our product teams to be successful after a recent acquisition.
  • There is friction between Product Management and Engineering when prioritizing & delivering our products.
  • Our company has been slow embracing digital transformation.
  • My PMs are always on the job market. How can I keep them here?
  • I spend more time doing reactive tasks than proactive strategy
  • My company is not product-led and it shows in our bottom line.
  • My Product Managers aren’t at a consistent minimum competency level to be effective.
  • The company’s strategy is a constantly moving target, and it isn’t well thought-out.

Did you know that Ineffective Product Management can threaten your digital transformation?

Product teams face unique challenges that can lead to:

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1 in 3 Failed product launches
30% Lost engineering throughput
Missed product revenue
30% Product team churn

YOU can be the Hero and

Triumph over Ineffective Product Management

The role of Product has never been more important or impactful for organizations across the globe. Product organizations are poised to be the guide that ushers businesses through digital transformations into the Age of Product, where the best products win. In this story, our Hero is a Product Leader. That’s you!

Products That Count helps Product Leaders

Set the Bar

Turn your Product Team into a competitive advantage that delivers market-leading products

Grow their skills

Learn from your peers across a diverse set of industries and companies

Advance their Career

Progress to the C-suite by engaging with C/VP-level leaders that have put product-led growth into practice

Transform your Product Team and Career

Contact Sales to Act Now

Mastermind Circles for Product Executives

Executive Mastermind Circle (Paid)

Elevate your brand and scale your impact through peer-to-peer learning with other product executives by 1) Sharing Best Practices & Troubleshoot Problems, 2) Being accountable for short-term and long-term Results 3) Discussing your Personal Growth as a CPO.

Check out the short video below to hear Products That Count CPO Renée Niemi discuss why you will want to attend a Mastermind Circle.

Mastermind Circles for Product Executives
Product mentorship for teams

Personalized Mentorship for Product Teams (Paid)

Turn your product team into a competitive advantage and win as a market leader. This offering will

  • offer guidance to transform your company to be Product-Led,
  • provide continuous PM training and ongoing mentoring to level-up your Product team,
  • train PMs and PLs that are new to their roles,
  • help executives establish consistency and structure in the midst of Product Team restructuring, growth, and M&A activities,
  • share best practices for product management and leadership.
Product mentorship for teams
Product Salon to learn from peers

Product Salons

Product Salons are invitation-only virtual events for product executives. These events are held monthly, alternating between the East and West Coast.

Recent Salon topics have included 1) the role of the CPO, 2) B2B product challenges, and 3) best practices in product prioritization.

Click the green “Contact Us” email button to the right if you’re interested in being invited to a future Product Salon in your region”.

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Product Salon to learn from peers

Content just for busy Product Leaders
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Leading FinTech company - Galileo

Award-winning FinTech company Galileo increased its PM team engagement by 30% in 3 months

Galileo, a leading, award-winning FinTech company, teamed up with Products That Count to up-level their product managers and turn their product teams into a competitive advantage for their organizations. This partnership enabled Galileo’s team to experiment and make smarter decisions, yielding an increase PM team engagement by 30%, and ~10% increase in the team’s growth mindset.

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Leading FinTech company - Galileo

I see more and more companies say that they want to become a product-first company. What it means is that they realized they could turn their product organizations into a competitive advantage.

SC Moatti Founder, Products That Count

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