Challenges of a Product Executive

  • Our product teams have mixed levels of skills
  • There is a need to get everyone on the same page, at a minimum skill level, and high-performing
  • Shifts in Product strategy, such as a new customer segment or a new business model, have left us reactive rather than proactive
  • We’ve expanded our team through hiring, mergers, or acquisitions and it’s been challenging to get everyone aligned on the same processes, frameworks, and tools
  • We’re chartered with establishing a new Product-Led culture, but it’s difficult to know where to begin

Your Company’s Mastermind Circle includes

Monthly Facilitated Circle Meetings

Virtual, private 2-hour learning circles each month with 8-12 product leaders from your company, facilitated by an executive coach.

Executive Coaching

Access to the Products That Count CPO Renée Niemi for executive coaching and support between Mastermind Circle meetings.

Focused on Outcomes

We work with you to set measurable goals and keep the meetings on track to those goals. The product coach will work with you in between meetings to set agenda and make suggestions on how to improve outcomes during meetings.

Product Salons

Connect and learn from external Product executives through relevant discussion topics at our monthly invitation-only Product Salons.

Growth Mindset Measured

Assess the growth mindset of Product Leadership team at the beginning and end of your Mastermind Circle to quantify the growth of your team throughout the program.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Most Product Leaders face many challenges that are new and difficult, where there isn’t one right answer. This is especially true in a world that has accelerated towards digital, where an organization’s survival depends on new products and services. Thriving in this environment requires new skills and cultural transformations. Products That Count facilitates small, private, Mastermind Circles within a company for Product Leaders that need to establish clear goals, focus on outcomes, and operationalize their vision.

Mastermind Circles are available at both the multi-company (CPOs) and single-company (Product Leaders) levels.

At Products That Count, we focus on short-term and long-term objectives to help Product Leaders like yourself  tackle alignment and improve people and processes that result in better execution of product initiatives such as on-time product launches and hitting goals. We help Product Leaders build Product teams that boost engagement and retention.

Mastermind Circles are led by an executive coach to help Product Leaders better understand how to gain alignment between stakeholders and align priorities. This all leads to higher product revenues aided by best practices and the opportunity to work together with a growth mindset to overcome obstacles and course-correct quickly.

Mastermind Circles work best when paired with learning at the Product Manager level. Growth Mindset happens as a team! The minimum size for a single company executive Mastermind Circle is 5, with the ideal being 8-10 Product Leaders.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Join: Submit your application for us to determine if there is a fit.
  2. Shape: Engage with a trusted group of 5-8 Product Leaders in your organization to shape the conversation through virtual meetings each month.
  3. Drive: Use learnings to drive impact in the workplace and elevate your Product organization and become a competitive advantage for your company.
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How It Works


Submit your interest application and we will contact you to discuss creating an Internal Mastermind Circle for your organization


Consistently meet to set clearly defined goals with outside facilitation to build trust, keep the conversation on track and keep a focus on outcomes


Develop a new mindset for conscious leadership and growth while being the role models for an improved product culture

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